T1 T1 North America Rank #13 thwifo Zander Kim xeta Son Seon-ho (손선호) pwny Josh VanGorder Munchkin Byeon Sang-beom (변상범) steel Joshua Nissan has forfeit their match against TSM TSM North America Rank #7 gMd Anthony Guimond seven Johann Hernandez Subroza Yassine Taoufik corey Corey Nigra Rossy Daniel Abedrabbo after an official Riot ruling declared T1 to have broken rule 7.2.11, which covers "Unauthorized Communications."

VCT Challengers Competitive Ruling: T1

The match was stopped at halftime during Map 2, at which point T1 commanded a 1-0 series lead and 8-4 lead on Icebox.

T1 coach David "dd8" Denis was alleged to have accidentally typed in all-chat during Map 1, and a short investigation concluded that the coach was indeed "providing instruction to T1 players while their match against TSM was in progress."

As a result of the ruling, TSM will advance to play Akrew Akrew Inactive gucc107 Andrew Gutnichenko Neon Austin Hedge Paincakes Jake Hass jovahnii Jovanni Miramontes ZachaREEE Zachary Lombardo tomorrow. The winner of the match will face The Guard The Guard North America Rank # JonahP Jonah Pulice Sayaplayer Ha Jeong-woo (하정우) trent Trent Cairns neT Michael Bernet valyn Jacob Batio in the final match of the lower bracket.