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Wake up 6:30
Shit and shower / get dressed then leave 7:30
Work until 2 - 5 depending on what’s up
Game from 2 - 5 if I get off work early
Life 5 - 10
10 - 2 whatever I want depending on how tired I am.

posted 15 hours ago

No wonder his teams perform so well.

posted 1 day ago

That’s the only reason he ain’t on a team.

People think he isn’t good enough for t1. I watched lcq.

He IS!

It’s the baggage.

Gonna go way off topic and non PC

The Americas league is weaker because we don’t have him. He may not be top 5 now because of the time off he has taken, but he would… without a doubt… be a top 5 player in his role, possibly top10 player in NA, if he was never forced to take a break.

posted 4 days ago


I have no doubt he did what she said.

She was knowingly being filmed. (That says a lot.) she said “no” in a baby voice.

I have no doubt that Sinatraa is a dickbag and was terrible to her. I’m have no doubt that he pressured her into having sex. (I have had sex with my partner when I didn’t want to… because that’s what parters do. They sacrifice.)

He was a kid that treated his girlfriend like shit. Probably said things like “if you don’t won’t have sex with me I can find someone that will in 10 seconds.”

She did things for him that she didn’t want to because he had the upper hand. Then he burned her and she got even.

Sinatraa is without a doubt a dick bag. But he’s not a rapist.

posted 4 days ago

I watched him in the qualifiers and was amazed he was still so good.

Watch the video. I never knew he was that good in overwatch.

No one plays like him. I have no doubt that if this never happened he would be a top 5 player in NA.

Insane what accusations can do to you.

Be careful who you get involved with.

posted 5 days ago

Fluorescent almost in the top 10

posted 6 days ago

If it’s a decent system it would be to add the MMR of both teams and then give some points based on the quality of the teams played.

Lose against a low total team and you lose more points. The system works well once you hit a certain threshold of games. We just haven’t reached that threshold yet so the ranking is fairly meaningless.

Still interesting though.

posted 6 days ago

VLR- Why don’t orgs sign up and coming players instead of recycling washed players

Also VLR- Why is EG sigining up and coming players instead of recycling t1 players.

EG is taking risks on unknown talent. Personally I love to see it.

posted 6 days ago

My guess is that he has played the most and had a few bad days.

I would think that most people haven’t played very much and when they do they try 1000%. The more you play the less likely you are to try your absolute hardest.

I’m sure once more games are played the elo will even out and Tarik won’t be last.

posted 6 days ago

Marved max fixed
Babybay hacked
Leaf hacked

Many others have shady pasts

No one cares what you did wrong before Valorant.

posted 6 days ago

TDM is good.

If we think about it like a fun mode. Better than replicant.

It’s also easier to balance spawn points than FFA.

posted 1 week ago

Gotta give the man props. Even if None of these were hot takes, he still got it right.

I’d add blackheart

posted 1 week ago

He’s signed as a 6th man for Sen.

But that would be dope NGL

posted 1 week ago


posted 1 week ago

Big L from faze

posted 1 week ago

A hook that can go through walls and stun when it pulls the agent into the wall would be so dope.

I’d def be a pudge main.

posted 1 week ago

NA has the best looking, smartest, and most talented fans.

posted 1 week ago

If we could.

Dudes probably the most overrated and underwhelming player in NA franchising.

posted 1 week ago

Both teams are good enough for t2 but not good enough to matter.

2-1 OR

Zeldris is the best player on the server.

posted 1 week ago

So it’s ?

Boostio Jett / op
Jawgemo entry
Bcj initiator / flex
Ethan smokes
Com sentinel / flex

posted 1 week ago

Watching him play you can tell he is good enough for t1.

He plays different than nearly everyone I have seen.

I feel like he would have been great at StarCraft. His key and movement spam is very similar to how RTS players keep “warm”

posted 1 week ago

Everyone underestimating how good Marved and Sinatraa are, and how mediocre the other team is.

posted 1 week ago

None of these players played in the qualifiers so this roster is pretty much confirmed.

posted 1 week ago

Man getting downvoted for telling the truth lol

posted 2 weeks ago

I know everyone hates him and he’s playing nobodies, but Sinatraa has really good mechanics.

posted 2 weeks ago

Children are weird

posted 2 weeks ago

I will buy it.

I love the Harry Potter universe.

I don’t give a shit what people do in their personal lives.

posted 2 weeks ago

I am a very open minded person. I work in the food industry so I pride myself on eating pretty much all types of food.

Sushi just isn’t it for me. I have continually tried it over the years, and while I prefer some over others, I still would rather have something else.

The flavor isn’t “terrible” but the fact that it’s cold, mushy and oddly sweet… sushi rice had vinegar in it too so it’s also weirdly off putting (but good at the same time).

The sushi with fried portions are a good starter to get your feet wet. They are not “cold” and they tend to have more savory flavors.

posted 2 weeks ago

Why was Tenz at g2 headquarters?

posted 2 weeks ago


/close thread

posted 2 weeks ago

Didn’t c9 lose to a t3 eu team? Hahahahahaha

posted 2 weeks ago

The guard have 1 star. They are like old xset before they got Cryo.

A good team with good fundamentals but not enough star power to carry them to anything but “top 10 team in NA”

posted 2 weeks ago

T2 NA would be t1 in any other region

posted 2 weeks ago

Everyone just wants to blame Wardell.


posted 2 weeks ago

How to tell everyone that you just joined the fps scene this year.

posted 2 weeks ago

Both are good. I just prefer clean confident flicks.


posted 2 weeks ago

The most recent video with tuyz was great but it lacked the confidence of this video.

Tuyz seemed like he was trying his HARDEST.

Mw made it look like another day in the office.

Both are impressive, I just preferred MWs video

posted 2 weeks ago

Clean, fluid, and confident.

More impressive than the most recent tuyz video.

However, both videos are great. The Americas league is definitely looking like the best division of Valorant.

posted 2 weeks ago

Did not see this coming

posted 2 weeks ago

Let’s be honest. If this guy does q with him all the time, his opinion means more than yours.

posted 2 weeks ago

While I hope this is true, I still think it’s a long shot.

You can’t tell me that EG doesn’t have room for Stewie on a 10 man roster.

Dudes willing to grind for a year and “Hope” his team makes it?

Nah, that’s just dumb. Hop on EG as a 10th man and then prove yourself halfway through the season and you’re a starter in franchising.

My prediction.
They don’t qualify and Stewie gets picked up by EG

posted 2 weeks ago

Will said on Twitter before the tournament that he hadn’t really played in 4 months.

I’m not saying Wardell wouldn’t have still diffed him, I’m just saying this is what a rusty player looks like.

posted 2 weeks ago


posted 2 weeks ago

As an American I would say he’s forgotten.

He made a splash internationally as this guy who played 5 different agents and played them all well and had huge hype.

Now I don’t have a clue if he even still plays lol

posted 2 weeks ago

The real question is if the nation qualify….
Do we really think stewie is going to play that many games on an unsigned org when he can probably just jump right into EG?

This seems like a “Fuck it let’s have fun and play in qualifying”

I don’t think they expected to qualify.

posted 2 weeks ago

I’m kinda shocked KJ is seeing so much play. Her lack of “global” presence compared to Cypher would suggest to me that she wouldn’t be favored on “big” maps like Pearl, Haven, and Lotus. Cypher also used to be decently popular on Split.

I guess her anchoring is more valuable to teams since she can sort of be left on an island a bit easier than cypher.

posted 3 weeks ago

I think she is on a team with Bob.

posted 3 weeks ago
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