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you can absolutely compare the 2, because riot are applying the same structure seen in other sports.

Transfer windows aren't applicable to esports yet, but transfer limits are and this is exactly what that rule is. The only difference is that instead of an outright ban, they apply a penalty if the limits are exceeded. The penalty being loss of circuit points. It's just another mechanism to stop teams switching up a whole roster mid competition. As seen in every other team sport.

I can't believe people are struggling with this idea.

posted 1 week ago

Haha, bruh, fuck eSports. It's normal in ALL sports.

Teams don't have the freedome to just switch up a whole roster mid tournament. No idea why these dickhead gamers on this forum find it so difficult to comprehend.

posted 1 week ago

His take is ridiculously bad and so is yours.

In "real" sports, this CANNOT happen by design. Why?

  1. Take soccer for example. They have transfer bans, limits and windows. It's literally impossible to change the majority of a roster in such a short time frame. Chelsea FC had a transfer ban last season meaning they couldn't buy new players for a season due to financial fair play. Even without the ban, there are things called contract terms which in most cases have to be abided by. In eSports contracts are less rigid and often non existent, especially in EU where players get paid less than NA.

  2. Look at NBA, pretty much all transfers happen during the draft. This is a small window and it isn't done right before a big tournament. A team simply cannot change all the players they want to whenever they want.

  3. Transfer windows, other sports have a window or 2 of opportunity where transfers can be made. With the alrgest window not occuring MID TOURNAMENT,. Like Valorant currently is.

Similar things in all major team sports, you're just uninformed.

posted 1 week ago

honestly. That's the definition of overthinking. They really didn't need to lose so many rounds in a row.

posted 3 weeks ago

nah dude, what are you on about?. Overaggro started on second round on defence. fnatic won the pistol round on defence, then got ecod and lost a few more rounds in a row.

posted 3 weeks ago

stupid overaggresion on multiple rounds by fnatic on defence. This isn't even their style.

posted 3 weeks ago

This will probably go unnoticed cus most of ya'll are 12, soy and overinvested in NA vs EU beef. But GG and well played to V1. Was rooting for Fnatic to win, and super glad they did. But V1 did really well, and they had a good shot to win the whole tournament, they're surely one of the top 4 teams here.

Fnatic were awesome, wp guys!

posted 3 weeks ago