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put some respect on boaster's name

posted 1 hour ago

Almost was a thing.

TH upped the price and got a net loss.

posted 1 day ago

Who wins?

The viewers sure don’t.

But I genuinely think DFM wins this.

posted 1 day ago

FAV are looking quite good. Phantom has improved drastically from last year, and Jan is a solid piece. However, I do hope that Bazz hasn't switched to being a flex -- he's pretty good on controller, one of Japan's rising controllers IMO.

posted 1 day ago

Insane first map. KOI got a bargain out of him.

posted 2 days ago

FENNEL are going to continue their domination. SyouTa is a beast, hironnn is super solid, and JoxJo has proved he's a great IGL.

CR and SZ are still super solid, no troubles for them.

Sengoku are going to fall off now that the Russian duo left. NORTHEPTION are alright but they aren't going to pose much of a threat to FL, CR, or SZ.

Jadeite and FAV Gaming are two teams that should've been in the last split. Very solid teams and I think they'll overtake both SG and NTH.

posted 2 days ago

KRU should have signed Dobsha and benched NagZ (should they wanted to keep the LATAM trend)

posted 2 days ago

A somewhat decent map for DFM on Lotus but they got a long way to go and it’s not gonna get any easier.

posted 3 days ago

To each their own, but Kaguya-sama and Fruits Basket are miles better still

posted 3 days ago
  1. It’s the first week so let’s wait until the “ZETA are not making Masters”
  2. Even if ZETA don’t make it, Masters will still have a good crowd because FNATIC and LOUD have big fanbases in Japan.
posted 4 days ago

Not a very good showing.

Even as a ZETA believer, ik they would lose but not THIS badly.

But oh well, only the first week and got —possibly— their hardest opponent out of the way. Let’s see how they do against checks notes … RRQ….

posted 4 days ago


  • SugarZ3ro is still good
  • Laz is still good
  • Utility usage is decent
  • Got their (arguably) toughest opponent out of the way.
  • Pistol rounds are also decent, might be even good.


  • Dep, TENNN, and Crow mad inconsistent
  • Really slow decision making
  • Lacking in teamplay synergy (trades, setups)
  • Falls apart when they’re under 30s
  • Somewhat predictable in executes
  • Really bad midrounding
posted 4 days ago

Gets peak later on.

+++Around episode 8-10, when he becomes Zero.

posted 5 days ago


posted 6 days ago


The Guard
The Union
HM: G2 Esports


Fire Flux
HM: Case Esports

HM: Bigetron Arctic

posted 6 days ago

"i ain't reading allat"

posted 6 days ago

DFM are a respected organization in Japan, but their team management could be better.

  1. Xnfri, Anthem, (and maybe TakeJ) are great pickups, and they can be crucial to DFM's games.
  2. Reita is past his time. There are better IGLs (JoxJo, Neth, oitaN), and I have no idea why DFM didn't bother to give them a shot.
  3. Suggest is the one pickup I don't know what to think about because he is quite inconsistent. However, his calling seems to be MARGINALLY better so I believe he should be IGL.
  4. Seoldam absolutely deserves a shot after taking a year break. HOWEVER, I don't think straight up throwing him on a partnership team is it. He should've bided his time and took some time to play in Challengers to get back in groove. Maybe we'll all be wrong and he'll come back to his patented Korean Jett form, but, for now, strange pickup.
  5. They should've gotten better coaches. I mean even an imported coach would've been good.

ZETA needs better ideas, but I think these moves would have been beneficial for them.

  1. Moving crow to coaching. He showed that he has good ideas in the past, but he as a player is unfortunately mid. He can bolster the coaching with his ideas, somewhat like bonkar now.
  2. TENNN should've been benched. Sorry to say. If anything, they should've signed Thiefy from IGZIST because he's the closest 1-to-1 player to TENNN.
  3. Moving Dep to a flex role. He has good firepower but he overheats a lot. If he's on a passive-ish role, he can pop off -- he has done so in the past.
  4. In place of Dep, signing a duelist like Pepper or even CLZ (in case CR doesn't want to cut Meiy loose). They could've been the fresh youngbloods that ZETA needed.
posted 6 days ago

Samurai Champloo
Deadman Wonderland (somewhat supernatural)
Banana Fish (somewhat gangster-ish but got physical fights)

posted 1 week ago

Yoshii has JP citizenship IIRC so it’s still 2 imports.

posted 1 week ago

Fruits Basket 100%. I doubted the concept and the art but the content is peak.

It is literally the gold standard of shojo manga.

posted 1 week ago

Big Bean clears

but on a realer note, what the fuck are C9 doing?

posted 2 weeks ago

I’d also say 2005-2008 too

Samurai Champloo
OP (Water 7 + Enies Lobby)
Code Geass
Black Lagoon
Gurren Laggan
Shakugan no Shana

posted 2 weeks ago

Gintama is genuinely something different and special.

There will never be another anime like it.

posted 2 weeks ago

Bad/Mid team ≠ Bad org

and sometimes vice versa

Good team ≠ Good org

posted 2 weeks ago

fixed, supposed to be talon vs DFM

posted 2 weeks ago

"Valorant has no counterplay because it's the same abilities and gameplay every match."

First of all to each their own. But in face value, that is the dumbest argument to make. You're telling me that the game is unfun, stale, and unplayable, despite having 84 different abilities?

CS, by comparison, has 6, which can be bought by multiple people on the same team. How the hell is a game with 78 more abilities boring? Also, Valorant's biggest factor is that the metas always change, which keeps pros and casuals alike on their toes. CS barely has updates and, when they do happen, the gameplay barely changes.

It's just strange that an everchanging game can be considered boring.

E.N.: CS:GO vs Valorant thread #317231027

posted 2 weeks ago

While I agree with the ZETA reasoning, adding takeJ is not the best option. He plays smokes like SugarZ3ro, and if he were to play duelist, he would resort to playing his comfort pick, Reyna. He also played minimal Jett, so there are only a few options.

Undeniably, he has good firepower, but that's all he has going for him. I'd honestly say that xnfri is a better fit for ZETA due to his flexibility and even firepower. And if DFM won't agree to the trade, then get Thiefy from IGZIST. I think he's a great 1-to-1 replacement for TENNN.

posted 2 weeks ago

Exactly what the title says. What methods or procedures do you do while you study?

When I'm studying a particular concept, I do a question and repeat it with different numbers whilst timing myself. In terms of doing something while studying, I usually listen to a podcast or music.

posted 3 weeks ago


LOUD: Incredible team, will be a rep for Tokyo for sure.
FURIA: Very high potential to be a contender for the league. Unironically, mwzera as IGL will take this team far.
MIBR: Really not that bad of a roster, but they can't always rely on heat to win games.
Leviatan: Scrim demons with high potential. They need to work on their map pool to be a contender though.
KRU Esports: DaveeyS is someone to look out for, but that's about it. Their streak of competing in every LAN ends here.
NRG: Great team still, but they need to give Ardiis a bit more time.
100 Thieves: Solid team, but they need to play more meta comps. They might also need to work on their mental too.
Cloud9: Yay didn't look bad, but Cloud9 needs a serious replacement for him. It might be a hot take, but Zellsis is the real issue, not anyone else.
Sentinels: I've been a "dephh is the problem" doubter, but something needs to change after his performances. Syyko is under a lot of pressure now.
Evil Geniuses: Actually a solid team, but they need to work on WHO plays WHEN. Nine players might be too much even if 7 of them have a chance to play.


FNATIC: The winners of LOCK//IN. The entire roster is scary.
NAVI: Just a slight hiccup against FNATIC. They are still contenders for the league.
Team Liquid: Not the greatest first impression. However, redgar and nAts will keep this team from falling and missing Tokyo.
KOI: Unfortunate matchup against NRG, but they'll be a serious team with Koldamenta at the helm. Wolfen needs more time to shape up as the star duelist, so hold off on the "-wolfen" talk.
Giants: Excellent roster. They and KOI have a lot of potential to be the 3rd or 4th slots for EMEA at Tokyo.
Vitality: Like MIBR, they can't always rely on Twisten to win games. They can be dark horses but destrian might be an issue for their success.
Karmine Corp: Nivera and Shin can't do everything alone. They have upset potential but I don't see them making it to Tokyo.
Team Heretics: Players past their prime. They will have a hard time in the league.
BBL Esports: Honestly, they aren't as bad as everyone thinks. They'll be middle of the pack.
FUT Esports: Like BBL but with higher potential. I doubted this team but they have shown they can upset some big teams.

DRX: The kings of APAC. I don't see them being ousted anytime soon.
Gen.G: Solid team with high potential to make it to Tokyo. Trust in TNL 2.0.
T1: On paper, they should be better than Gen.G and even contend with DRX, but they have been abysmal, even as a T1 fan. Munchkin needs to be a better IGL and ban needs to be on an active role.
ZETA Division: Honestly, they need some new pieces and ideas. I still believe they'll be a top 3 contender and potentially be a rep for Tokyo.
Detonation FocusMe: They could have done better than signing two or three washed-up players. Save xnfri and Anthem.
Paper Rex: Another hot take, but the era of Paper Rex is over. Something needs to happen for them to come back.
Team Secret: Even after their shock win against Liquid, I still doubt this team. They'll be a solid team for sure, though.
Talon Esports: Incredible showing at LOCK//IN. Serious rep for Tokyo.
Global Esports: High upset potential. Middle of the pack team though.
Rex Regum Qeon: I don't have high hopes for this team. I don't know what to say tbh.

posted 3 weeks ago

bro tryharding but only can kill content creator LMAO 😂

posted 3 weeks ago

I doubted the Skye but damn, they played it really well.

LOUD looking insane.

posted 3 weeks ago

3-1 AA

SSSami BD pride (next to mocking)

posted 4 weeks ago

Bengali (native)
Japanese (simple sentences, able to read some kanji)
French (simple sentences)

posted 4 weeks ago

What are some skins that players are known for?

For example:
Blue Prism Phantom - nAts
Red Glitchpop Vandal - Derke
Base (Green) Forsaken Vandal - Derrek
White Reaver Vandal - Asuna
Sakura Vandal - Laz

Add more below

posted 4 weeks ago

“Do not make personal attacks of any kind. Keep trash talk within the realm of Valorant”

I think this is reason why.

posted 4 weeks ago

The Bangladeshi scene is absolutely nonexistent so i will do Japan and Korea since i have a lot of knowledge in those scenes and I’m learning Japanese.

The entire Crazy Raccoon roster (minus Makiba)

Lakia (unfortunate injury during trials)
Jeong Hi

posted 4 weeks ago

-crow (move him to coaching)
-TENNN (i can't believe it, but his time is done)
+Thiefy (sentinel)
Or if possible: swap TENNN for Xnfri from DFM.

I would get SyouTa but his roles clashes with SugarZ3ro.

IF CR isn't an option:
+CLZ (main duelist, move Dep to flex)

If CR is an option:
+Meiy (main duelist, move Dep to flex)

So roles would be:

Laz - Initiator
SugarZ3ro - Controller
Dep/Xnfri (if swap deal) - Flex
Thiefy - Sentinel
CLZ/Meiy/Dep (if swap deal) - Duelist

posted 4 weeks ago

redlightdistrict (minus the district now)

I found it to be a cool word despite knowing its meaning.

posted 4 weeks ago








posted 1 month ago

Even as a T1 fan, I knew they would lose to FURIA.

There is something missing, the roles are all over the place.

posted 1 month ago

I'm rooting for LEV but that was not good by Destrian from a tactical standpoint.

posted 1 month ago


I've seen sloths show more urgency wtf

posted 1 month ago

It says SKROSSI エース (Ace)

posted 1 month ago

It says Ace

posted 1 month ago

even as a T1 fan, i feel like ban is not cut out for the team.

I have faith in Munchkin tho.

posted 1 month ago

Is that why all of the players are in partnerships?

Compared to SEN, with only one player that made it (TenZ).

posted 1 month ago

T1, Laz

posted 1 month ago
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