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Take it If you want It, is not like you are doing nothing with It after all 😂

posted 23 hours ago

Ele sempre foi bom pra caralho, desde 22 ele mostrava talento mas ninguém parecia perceber

posted 23 hours ago

O Brinks é um monstro.

Ninguém pode tirar esse título dele, nunca mais.

posted 23 hours ago

We've lost 4 teams

Brazil has insane history with all their teams, we've lost a lot

The only one that got better in this agree is USA, we were so damn fine, Brazil was talking about getting 12 teams because we couldn't put all our tallent in 10 teams

posted 1 day ago

Muricah kinda crazy with money

posted 1 day ago

Bro LLA literally ended

Americans simply doesn't care about League of Legends, there wasn't a single one of them to talk about this, and It isn't because they like the changes, it's because they do not care at all

1 dude from America responded my post, and i'm not even sure he's American

posted 1 day ago

The Brazilian import doesn't count, so they can still have 2 koreans + 1 Americas import

We were protected because nobody would spend money on a BR import other than a Korean, now this doesn't exist anymore

So fucking sad

posted 1 day ago

Americans cannot play League of Legends, what's gonna happen is the following:

Some lame ass American org gonna come here and offer Robo and Tinows 50k dolars each, there will be nothing Brazilians can do to prevent It

And like that they LOUD dinasty will be over, together as our best players in CBLOL

posted 1 day ago

My Idea:

Baiano should stop streaming LCS, let them die on porpouse, isn't like americans care too much about their league anyway

Leave LOL for people that truly want to play It like Brazil, Europe, China and Korea.

We cannot be punished for a league that isn't even ours, is just plain wrong

posted 1 day ago

The two most underated support players in this country, Brinks is a MENACE and It isn't by now that he plays greatly.

And what a comeback in performance from Bezn1, he should be in Franchise League in place of Khalil

posted 1 day ago

Raafa, Pancc, Cortezia, Sato, Zanatsu, Brinks

posted 1 day ago

LCS will buy the Brazilian players, making the CBLOL weak and killing the reagion slowly trought time.

LCS have 50+ players, only 15 are americans.

That's the reason this reagion is dead.

posted 1 day ago

Xand is the answer! The Allen Inverson of Valorant.

posted 1 day ago

You will never understand what LCS did to us, we were much better without this shit change

They've took 4 of our teams and we must smile and be happy from now on

All of BR teams are well liked and have their own story, unlike LCS that nobody cares.

Brazil being punished for being successfull is fucked up

posted 1 day ago

Because LCS couldn't hold their own reagion together, so brazil MUST be used to save them.

Very Sad, CBLOL was just so nice to watch.

posted 1 day ago

I make his words mine:

They've made the same thing in Valorant, If Brazil was an organized first world country, 3° GDP in the world i doubt Riot would do something like this with us. Unfortunally, we are dragged down by incompetence... I will stop here bc no politics

posted 1 day ago

Actually, we Brazilians know that they selection is doomed

The president of CBF (Brazil National confederation) is a crooked corrupt that was putted in place from a measure by the supreme court.

Basically a corrupt politician that was condemned but couldn't be arrested because "yolo positivism rules yolo XD".

Brazilian players are chosen today not because they play the best football, but because their agents pay CBF big money to value their passes.

And it's all fault of Nike in the end of the day, kinda sad actually.

(We could talk about this for hours but i won't tire you)

posted 1 day ago

It's because EUA is shit for a franchise system

Brazil should have their own league just like League of Legends is doing.

posted 1 day ago

That TuyZ clutch was something to be remembered in history of Valorant forever

posted 1 day ago

what is a soccer?

posted 1 day ago

But It counts as a fucking great tournament

Never ever again we've seen a tournament with such high stakes and plot Twists

Even If you didn't count as a major, it counts as the best event ever

posted 2 days ago

Most brutal tournament in Valorant history

1 - Every team playing for their lifes
2 - Single Elimination (high stakes every game)
3 - NRG vs LOUD was pinaccle of Valorant
4 - Greatest final ever

Am i wrong?

posted 2 days ago


Would be actually a insane roster, they just need a brain IGL to make It work

posted 3 days ago

Have to be babycared by Riot every time.


posted 3 days ago

They shouldn't take spots from CBLOL, we are a thriving reagion with middle players that are becoming good right now

Like in Fluxo, INTZ and Keyd

It's shit that this only happenned because americans with all that money cannot sustain a reagion alone, and have to be babycared by Riot and destroy other reagions for it

Kinda Lame, but at least we still have a reagion

There is 2 worlds:
1 - we lose all our great players for NA
2 - we concentrate power and get better

They are trying to suck Brazil of without we actually seeing it, this literally is a neo-colonization shit, because BR players won't count as imports so slowly we will lose to them

EDIT: Actually, BR will still be imports???? This is huge actually
EDIT 2: Nah, we are still fucked

posted 3 days ago

The BR League didn't end

It actually is much better than Valorant, props to caco nunes

Ps: All this to save the americans that cannot watch a single game, bullshit

posted 3 days ago

I've thought on the Double controller, but Said "whatever"

Devs said Deadlock is OP in this map

posted 5 days ago

Neon, Gekko, Breach, Omen, Deadlock

Jett, Skye, Breach, Harbor, Cypher

Thank me later FNS

posted 5 days ago

Neon, Gekko, Breach/Skye, Omen, Deadlock

posted 5 days ago

3 times, they already died 3 times for the fall in the ledge

My rankeds are fucked

posted 5 days ago

Holy fuck, i've realised this is such a bad Idea...

The newbas in my ranked gonna troll so much jumping out of the map and forgeting to literally JUMP the bridge

This is our version of Vertigo, but worse, the dude in the stream literally died 2x in a row for the jump


posted 5 days ago

I've literally thought this

posted 5 days ago

It looks like it doesn't fit the game at all, It looks like It was made for Halo.

So fucking weird

posted 5 days ago


Played incredible, and should have won Kings League

Absolutely unfair to be put to play 2 matches in a row against another team with 3 hours of rest

But history have been made today, awesome tournament

posted 5 days ago

Lakia revenge arc will be epic

posted 6 days ago

Yall not rooting for GenG

We MUST see Lakia win a title for Pacific, it's his revenge arc for 2021 when he was in Nuturn

posted 6 days ago

Do you play soh ckah americah?

posted 1 week ago

Who tf says soccer?

It's not even a real sport.

What do you play? Soh ckah

posted 1 week ago

India must have a system in the first place.

GE alone doesn't create a league, they must have more teams

posted 1 week ago

I don't even know who you are

posted 1 week ago

A Lot of SA players couldn't get their visa at time, tournaments in other games from USA are actually being played in EU because of United States bureaucracy.

It's a great time for Americas to be split in half between North and South, it's logically impossible for franchise to be in USA.

Every BR player is visa locked in Brazil, but it's hard because LA is the Riot bureaucracy office, so there is a tendency for It to be there

Brazil is literally a Nation, 8th greatest economy in the world and with 213 Million people, we should have our own franchise system

posted 1 week ago

Incredible, look how many ways they can destroy jobs now

I hope this doesn't fucks up economy right? 😵

posted 1 week ago

AI companys pay a shit ton of money for this AIs to steal our jobs

posted 1 week ago

The most consistent and best team in the world today.

No doubt

posted 1 week ago

He's Sacy, he can because he's BALD

posted 2 weeks ago

I Hope this blow up

posted 2 weeks ago

Gustavo has the moves! You can't deny It.

posted 2 weeks ago


They desearved, even GenG or PRX are playing super well

posted 2 weeks ago
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