Riot has revealed that the first Masters event of VCT 2022 will be held in Reykjavík, Iceland—the same host country as the first Masters event in 2021. It will once again mark the first international LAN event of the year. The information was first revealed by Valorant's Weibo account on February 18.

Unlike the previous event held in Reykjavík, the event will run for two weeks rather than one, from April 10 to April 24. In addition, Riot has revealed the circuit point awards for EMEA teams while saying that the overall points structure will more "heavily reward performances at international events."

Masters slots for the 2022 VCT season EMEA will field the most teams in Reykjavik.

Details about the tournament format are largely unknown. Out of the 12 attending teams, the top seed for NA, EMEA, APAC, and the winner of the LATAM and Brazil playoff, will get a deeper seed in the bracket. The remaining eight squads will have to fight from further back.

Citing a lack of confidence in the ability to safely host an event with attending crowds, Riot will not host a live audience for Stage 1: Masters.