Riot has released details regarding the regular season of VCT EMEA 2024. Two stages will run from April to July and determine the regional representatives at Masters Shanghai and Champions 2024.

Championship Points

Championship Points are awarded throughout the year for top performing teams. They will determine the fourth team that will represent each region at Champions 2024. In EMEA, Karmine Corp was the first team to receive Championship Points, earning three by winning Kickoff.

Teams can continue earning points by winning Stage 1 and Stage 2 matches. The top team from each group will also receive an additional point each stage, since they play one less series than the rest of the playoffs teams. Finally, teams that win either of the League's stages or one of the two Masters events will receive three Championship points.


The 11 EMEA partnership teams will be split into two groups for the remainder of the year. Seeded based on their Kickoff performance, the groups will determine which matchups will take place in Stage 1 and Stage 2.

Group Alpha:

Group Omega:

Stage 1: April 3 to May 12

The first part of the League will feature cross-group matchups, meaning teams from Group Alpha will exclusively play against all teams in Group Omega, and vice versa. All matches will be best-of-threes.

Running from May 8 through May 12, playoffs will feature a modified double-elimination bracket, similar to last year's Last Chance Qualifier. The top three teams will qualify to Masters Shanghai.

The best team of each group will receive a bye to the second round of the bracket. The next two teams from each group will play the opening series, with the winner advancing to the second round and the loser being eliminated from playoffs. From that point, a standard four team double-elimination bracket will be played.

Stage 2: June 18 to July 19

The second stage will be played with a similar format to Stage 1, but with teams playing intra-group matchups instead. Playoffs will maintain the same modified double-elimination as Stage 1.

On this occasion, teams will advance to playoffs based on overall performance, taking into consideration both Stage 1 and Stage 2 results. The top six teams of the season will advance, with byes granted to the best team of each group. The knockout stage will take place from July 15 to July 19.

The top three teams of the event will qualify directly to Champions, seeded based on their placement. The fourth seed will be determined based on the remaining team with the most Championship points.


Tickets for Stage 1 will be available on March 13 at 18:00 CET.