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im super happy the anime led me to the manga lmao

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meh from a purely competitive standpoint maybe thats fair

but from ritos perspective they have to consider potential viewership, marketing potential and representation for the playerbase

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that's pretty fair

i mean i can't say i really mind this happening i just think 3 SA slots + 1 masters 2 slot would make for a more entertaining tourney, probably won't really prevent a potential winner coming either way

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i mean i agree yay probably adds more to his team then leo does (though i think leo is more unreplaceable)

but what the team as a whole has achieved is a pretty poor argument when comparing individuals
one had to play with russ one didn't

(i love russ but let's be honest he's the weakest link in that guild roster)

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in the chamber meta yeah true
yay is probably the best chamber

in the jett meta it was pretty debatable tbh

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yeah with how NTH comms work meteor/Zeta would struggle to adapt

if that wasn't an issue meteor would be an insane pick up but yknow

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Everyone seems to be disagreeing with this but I kinda don't get that

Yes, BR and LATAM are 2 different regions, and this is with very good reason as Brazil is in fact different from the rest of Latin America in a variety of ways, no disagreement, hence both of them do definitely deserve 1 guaranteed spot

But why are TWO LCQ spots for the region combined? East Asia for example only gets 1, and as far as I'm aware (If anyone has actual semi-up-to-date stats for this let me know please, would appreciate it) the player bases in JP and KR are surprisingly comparable, while I have no clue for CN.
I would also argue that KR and JP have been a lot more successful internationally

Latam + BR combined encompass around 560 million people, which is like 35-40% higher than NA (I am counting Mexico as part of Latam) so from that perspective, I can't say i understand them sharing 4 slots either, EMEA, for example, encompasses well over 1 billion.

Now based off everything I've said you might think i have an actual point for some other region getting it but no, I just think whoever wins masters 2 should get a slot at champions separately, like last year

And I've been saying this since before Copenhagen started, so no that's not an opinion I have purely because FPX won

if anyone wants to offer a different argument feel free

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