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Well I think prime nAts arrives and 13-0s every team and then has a 5x quad ot with PRX

posted 2 minutes ago

I want one of the gambit boys or any pacific team to win

But mostly I want some insane games

posted 6 minutes ago


posted 9 minutes ago

With such an amazing crowd, venue and community in Tokyo
Aswell as the state of competition rn

This event could definitely be the best one yet

TL made a lost looking Fnatic bleed which is a sign of crazy improvement
Fnatic are still a contender but need a lot of cleanup which we know they will do

There are three dark horse teams in EG Fut and T1

There is a disgruntled navi and DRX which is stopped trolling could be back

Paper Rex is fucking back and it’s gonna be so fun to see this iteration internationally

Loud looked phenomenal today but that’s not to say a different looking NRG could flip that result

I think it’s fair to say that there is no favorite for Tokyo

My pred is still Loud Fnatic final again but maybe fut t1

Who knows
Curious what y’all think

posted 9 minutes ago

He was positive on KJ and had some nice site holds what are you smoking

posted 3 hours ago

He did not have a great day that’s for sure, he still ended up the third best player in the league

posted 3 hours ago

Nah but you don’t go from 0 to 10 without a huge contribution from a coach

posted 4 hours ago

You dont just get to the top of EMEA with a lackluster coach

and not only that

his contribution to take this team from looking absolutely lost to the top of EMEA cannot be overstated

Emil deserves some serious respect


posted 4 hours ago

Fnatic didn’t look like themself today, and they shouldn’t be counted out because of this loss. Liquid really capitalized on the off day


HOLY SHIT TRUST THE PROCESSSSSS, from getting 2-0ed by a 5-6th pacific team

Getting back to back 2-0ed by Fnatic

And then 3-1ing in the finals and going into Tokyo as the first seed

posted 4 hours ago

Liquid is really good idk wym

posted 5 hours ago


posted 6 hours ago


posted 10 hours ago

Neither. Both will perform well

posted 10 hours ago


posted 10 hours ago

Bind is good

Pearl is awful

Lotus is fine

posted 10 hours ago

Also this

posted 10 hours ago

Two of their players won a masters but that’s fine

posted 10 hours ago

We do not care

posted 10 hours ago

I just wanna see Team Liquid push Fnatic far

posted 10 hours ago

Please NRG vs FNATIC

Pretty please loud vs PRX

Pretty pretty please PRX vs TL or Fnatic

posted 10 hours ago
  1. Redgar
posted 10 hours ago

Gods of chaos

posted 11 hours ago

Paper Rex Copenhagen was such a treat

All time fav team to watch

posted 11 hours ago

This has got to be the most unique and entertaining play style in valorant at this point

I cannot WAITTTTTT to see how this playstyle matches up against teams like NRG and Fnatic

It is so interesting how they took a frankly ridiculous playstyle and turned it into something incredibly viable

Well done and props to PRX

They are def a contender for Tokyo

W gaming and props to something bro must feel incredible right now

posted 11 hours ago

This list is based off stats guys

posted 1 day ago

If liquid get a map or two, I’ll be a happy fella

If they win

I’ll get a redgar jersey

posted 1 day ago

Calling and fragging

posted 1 day ago

Its like trying to read a brick wall

posted 1 day ago

Holy shit mega respect to fut

What a team what a story

posted 2 days ago

wouldnt that be nice

i hope so

posted 2 days ago

TL get a map now they are not mega trolling and they have no pressure

posted 2 days ago


posted 2 days ago

UK + fnatic
US + faze

posted 3 days ago

EMEA: Redgar and FUTs rise from VLRS

Americas: c0m and EG from brink of elim to champs

Pacific: Something and W gaming

posted 3 days ago

Qraxs is also realllllllllly fucking good

however i would say, qw1 is not a top 5 duelist yet

posted 3 days ago

which is why bzka and mini are also top 5 coaches intw

posted 3 days ago

jogular is the worlds most obvious baiter

posted 3 days ago

Aspas is good player yes

posted 3 days ago

If you are talking about all time rather than currently:

FNS over Ange1 and Saadhak
Redgar over Boaster, Ange1

posted 3 days ago


posted 3 days ago

gamr is racist

also the answer is shownu or babysasauke cause the more annoying you are the more attention you get

posted 3 days ago

Potter has taken the same core that =

  • used to not be able to even win fucking knights weekly or NSG tournaments consistently.
  • got fucking Tossed around challengers last year
  • went 1-4, got 13-0ed, and been the joke of VCT Americas

to a top-three team in Americas, qualed to both events

if thats not enough to make her an incredible coach idk what is

posted 3 days ago

Once fnatic win tokyo and champs

posted 3 days ago

No, it must be proven at Tokyo first

posted 3 days ago

Anti-stratted loud 13-3 on one of their best maps
Her stratting dismantled sentinels

and anti stratted your flair, the team that should be better in literally every regard
yet here we are

posted 3 days ago

I was praying for a Gambit v SEN match and im still so sad it never happened

posted 3 days ago

its between sayf, aspas, derke, demon1 and something x

posted 3 days ago

I think she's the best anti strat coach intw

i'd say she's a top 5 coach overall tho

posted 3 days ago
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