Star duelist Olavo "heat" Marcelo has stepped away from MIBR's active lineup due to personal reasons. MIBR's sixth man André "TxoziN" Saidel will play in his place.

🚨 Atualização no #MIBRVALORANT.

Por alguns motivos pessoais, o @heatfps está temporariamente afastado da nossa lineup titular. Sendo assim, @TxozinOW jogará os dois jogos restantes nessa primeira fase do #VCTAmericas, começando neste sábado contra a EG.

Contamos com o seu……

MIBR currently sit at 2-5 in the Americas League standings. Despite two early wins, they have fallen out of the playoff picture after four straight blowout losses. heat was MIBR's highest rated player with a mere 0.94 rating.

TxoziN played on several competitive Brazilian rosters in 2020, but he didn't play throughout 2021. His last professional experience was on Rise Gaming Rise Gaming Inactive luqz Lucas Dias Tak1 Vitor Tak Luskka Lucas Rentechen during the first months of 2022. He mainly played controllers in the past which will cause some role transitions as MIBR integrate him into their lineup.

MIBR have expressed their hope that heat can return to the active roster as soon as he is ready.

MIBR MIBR Brazil Rank #2 jzz João Pedro heat Olavo Marcelo murizzz Murillo Tuchtenhagen RgLMeister Matheus Rodigoli frz Leandro Gomes are now:

  • Murillo "murizzz" Tuchtenhagen
  • João "jzz" Pedro
  • Matheus "RgLMeister" Rodigoli
  • Leandro "frz" Gomes
  • André "TxoziN" Saidel
  • Olavo "heat" Marcelo (Substitute)
  • Matheus "bzkA" Tarasconi (Coach)
  • Iara "Iara" Rodrigo (Analyst)