Riot has announced its first wave of information about Champions 2024. The event will be coming to Seoul, South Korea for the culmination of the 2024 season.

Champions is set to take place from August 1-25 as per the Riot announcement, however no host venue in the city has currently been revealed. Seoul will be Asia's third go at hosting an international event, taking place in Tokyo beforehand with Shanghai to start in May.

VCT 2024 roadmap A tough path lies ahead for the partnered teams looking for glory. (Image by Riot Games)

Sixteen teams will participate in Champions across all four International Leagues based off regular season performances throughout the year. The ongoing global Kickoff tournaments will be the first step for teams across the world to begin their journey towards qualification, with the Americas and Pacific currently undergoing play. EMEA will follow suit starting this coming Tuesday, February 20th, while China will start on Thursday, February 22nd.