VCT Ascension EMEA kicks off June 22 between the 18 best teams of the region's Challenger Leagues. The last team standing after the end of this month-long competition will participate in the next two years of the VCT.

The 18 best teams are equally split between the nine leagues of EMEA, meaning each league drafted its two best teams to Ascension. The regional champions have been placed in the Ascension stage, while the second-best teams will have to go through the Play-Ins, hosted from June 22 to 27.


The nine Play-Ins teams are evenly split in three groups, where each will play a Bo1 single round-robin. The best team from each group moves directly to the semifinals of Play-Ins, while the second-placed squads fight in another Bo1 single round-robin to determine the fourth team.

The semifinals will be Bo3 and the grand final Bo5. The winner of the Play-Ins will round out the Ascension teams lineup, as they will be the 10th team heading into the final rounds of the competition.

The Play-Ins groups are:

Group A

Group B

Group C


Once the 10th team has been selected, Ascension will follow a similar format. The 10 teams will be distributed between two groups of five, where a Bo3 single round-robin will let just four teams through to the playoffs. The groups will be played between June 30 and July 5

The final stage of Ascension EMEA will be hosted in the VCT EMEA Coliseum in Messe Berlin from July 13 to 17, with Bo3 semifinals and a Bo5 grand final.

The Ascension groups are:

Group A

Group B

The winners of the VCT Ascension EMEA will be awarded with a two-year pass to the VCT EMEA League, which will pivot to a two-split format from next year. The organization will receive similar benefits to the 10 VCT partners, while the team itself will have an equal opportunity to qualify for Masters and Champions in their two-year stint in Tier 1.