Anna Donlon, Executive Producer, and Andy Ho, Game Director of Valorant, revealed in a Dev Diaries episode that Team Deathmatch and two new agents are coming to the game this year.

The pair also revealed that there will be a second global Premier test next month, in July, with a full release planned for the following month, after Champions concludes on August 27. Donlon said there might be "a surprise or two in store" for the capstone event of the year.

Episode 7 will launch between late June and early July, as the current Act III will finish June 26. It will debut Team Deathmatch in Valorant, which will include gun and ability play, but also maps tailor-built to the TDM mode.

Regarding the two new agents coming this year, Donlon revealed that they will be a sentinel and a duelist. While details on the latter were sparse, the EP hinted that the new sentinel could have movement-impairing abilities.

Andy Ho also unveiled that the team will add new forms to unlock accessories from previous battle passes, and change the current system for unlocking agents and the items in their contracts.