Riot Games has revealed the teams in each of the Masters Tokyo groups, as well as the two venues that will host the event.

The 12-team event will kick off with four days of GSL groups action. Riot has determined that each group will contain one team from each participating region (Americas, EMEA, Pacific, China), to avoid repeat matchups in any one group. Every group match will be a BO3.

The two Masters Tokyo groups are:

Group A

Group B

The two best teams from each group will then be placed into the playoffs, where the draw will be mostly random. There will be just two contingencies at play: group stage teams must face top-seeded teams (the top team from Americas, Pacific, and the two best from EMEA), and teams from the same group will be placed on opposing sides of the bracket.

The playoffs will take place in an eight-team double-elimination bracket with nearly all of its matches BO3. The lower bracket final and grand final will be BO5 matches.

Nearly all of the tournament, from the group stage to the final stages of the elimination bracket, will be held at the 3600-seat Tipstar Dome Chiba. The lower and grand finals will take place in the Makuhari Messe, which holds up to 9000 people.

The full schedule can be found below.

VCT Masters Tokyo schedule_1

VCT Masters Tokyo schedule_2 Images by Riot Games