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I am so sad for Starxo Cned and Monster they deserve more than that.

posted 2 days ago

From Turkey and My favourite Teams are Acend,Fnatic and The Guard

posted 1 week ago

I think you made a mistake in your list. Let me fix it.

Aspas? Good with raze
Tenz,cNed,d3ffo,Scream doesn't even play raze that much
Derke? Definetely good with raze.

posted 1 week ago


It is just my opinion so don't argue with me if you don't like it please.

posted 2 weeks ago

In my opinion

posted 2 weeks ago


I am just linking my opinion about it.

Do not argue with me if you don't like it because it's just my opinion.

Hopefully Acend doesn't dissapoints us again.

posted 2 weeks ago