May is gone, and June is here. Nonetheless, the Valorant world continued to produce new headlines. Here's what you might have missed this past week.

This week's edition covers news from May 28 - June 3.

Roster Changes

Results & Standings

Other News & Rumors

  • / According to a report from Dot Esports reporter George Geddes, Team Liquid Team Liquid Europe Rank #1 Jamppi Elias Olkkonen nAts Ayaz Akhmetshin Sayf Saif Jibraeel Redgar Igor Vlasov soulcas Dom Sulcas are trialing former Counter-Strike player Julien "AREA" Dubois, who was VAC banned in 2013. Despite the VAC ban, AREA denies having cheated in CS:GO. Last month, former coach Connor "Sliggy" Blomfield announced that he would be stepping down from the team, leaving Jake "Bacon9" Lloyd as the team's only coaching staff.
  • / Team Divinity Team Divinity Inactive kENZ Andrey Efimov ALLIN Ivan Yukin Tian Vadim Filkin Edelweiss Dmitrii Koblov Optimist George Kazmin has been disqualified from VRC East competition and will have their results stripped due to Artur "pyrolll" Minin's six-month suspension by Riot for account boosting. The team will be allowed to return to play once pyrolll has been replaced by another player eligible to play in VRC East. Since the announcement, Divinity have benched pyrolll until his suspension is over, which ends on August 11 of this year.
  • Futbolist have rebranded to FUT Esports.
  • / Bleed eSports founder M8 has announced that after the conclusion of Stage 2, Bleed will be hosting monthly community tournaments for the Singapore/Malaysia ecosystem so that "more organisations are inclined to sign teams in (the SG/MY) region."
  • According to a report from Bo "BoDork" Hoogland, Mindfreak Mindfreak Inactive tensai Benny Phan soju Jay Jeong Dutti Sudhish Dutt Chax Chax Stipanovic are set to release their roster. The organization is in talks with other teams to sell their roster, but no parties were named as potential buyers for the squad.
  • / Another report from Bo Hoogland has revealed that Renegades are exploring a re-entry into Valorant through the purchase of an Oceania team. The organization released it's previous North American roster in April.