Vitality co-founder and executive president Fabien "Neo" Devide said in a broadcast on the organization's Twitch channel Vitality is entering Valorant.

He said the team has signed a coach and multiple players, and are close to finishing their lineup.

Vitality has had a history of success since entering the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene in late 2018. The French organization has won premier tournaments in both offline and online environments using rosters made up primarily of French talent.

While Vitality has not fielded a Valorant roster before, the organization did host an Ignition Series event back in July. That event, the Vitality European Open, was won by G2 Esports over a roster made up of players from the Prodigy Talent Agency. Most of the players who were on that tournament's top four teams have since been signed to other organizations.

Vincent " Happy " Schopenhauer is the only top Valorant player who has competed for the Vitality organization before. He now plays with Orgless Orgless Inactive Happy Vincent Schopenhauer pipsoN Daniil Mesheryakov Boo Ričardas Lukaševičius hoody Aaro Peltokangas , a roster that recently played under the Prodigy name and qualified for the main event of First Strike.

Four of the eight teams to qualify for the main event of First Strike: Europe were unsigned. One such team, Purple Cobras, disbanded immediately after the event. The other three teams was the above Orgless squad, SUMN FC, and nolpenki.

Vitality has not announced the coach or players they've signed as of yet.