UPDATE: Riot have released a statement regarding the status of the event. The matches will be put on hold until further notice.

The North American Last Chance Qualifier has enshrined in itself a legacy as the first Riot-sponsored LAN event in the region and also one of potential life-long notoriety as its logistical issues build up on its second day.

In the morning of the event, during daily routine COVID-19 testing — reportedly required by Los Angeles County guidelines — two of FaZe Clan's players tested positive for COVID-19, as tweeted by Derrek "Derrek" Ha. Per LA County guidelines, the team were forced to quarantine and take further tests until they tested negative consistently.

While not confirmed, it seemed the initial plans for the event day included having FaZe players compete from their hotel rooms on their provided personal rigs on hotel wifi. This was met with harsh friction from both teams, citing both inequalities in the computer hardware and internet connections potentially affecting the competitive integrity of the matches.

With the organizers scrambling to find a solution as they perform "rapid" COVID-19 tests on the players, and in the face of a team potentially pulling out, public tweets and private statements made to VLR.gg seemingly confirm that at least one of the matches have been cancelled for today.

Additionally, according to a wide range of social media posts from different players and staff at the event, the players have reportedly returned to their hotel rooms for the day, signaling that the games scheduled for today will not take place.

According to a recent statement from Riot on the matter, "After receiving several conflicting [COVID] test results, in an abundance of caution, we have decided to pause the competition for today while we evaluate how to safely resume the LCQ."

This incident is not the first criticism that has been levied against the organization of the event so far. Yesterday, despite improvements to player sound over Masters Berlin, several aspects of the event have been noted as not up to par with other major events from Riot.

The absence of Oceanic teams, re-used equipment, the lack of proper LAN servers, the poorly-optimized provided computers, strict COVID-19 regulations, and a condensed, long-winded schedule have been cited as major issues with the event from players and community members.