In a surprise reveal, just one week before the start of the VCT Stage 3 Masters in Berlin, Riot Games have unveiled that Valorant Champions, the final event of the 2021 Champions Tour season, will also be hosted in the capital of Germany.

#VALORANTChampions is coming to Europe.

In an article on the Champions Tour website, the organizers outline that complications related to the continued COVID-19 pandemic influenced the choice of Berlin as the location of Valorant Champions, with Germany and the European Union being "most favourable for bringing players from the participating VCT regions together."

The news comes as a shock to the community after Upcomer broke headlines in the summer with a report detailing Los Angeles, California as the target location for the event. The report, backed by Upcomer's sources, lined up with partial reveals in the Year One Anthem released by Riot earlier in the month, as well as Riot's close proximity to the city. It would have been the first North American LAN hosted by Riot Games.