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KPI looks more collected and stable, than FPX with unstable ardiis who either shoots or misses everything and ange1's "experimental" picks.

KPI - FPX 2:0

posted 4 days ago

I hope G2 will not follow OG's path, switching and changing rosters every week. For the topic, Mixwell's performance is not satisfying, I don't see mixwell and rest of the team as a Champions, sometimes these kind of changes may led to trophys.

posted 5 days ago

Quiet strong team, have enough skilled and flex players to make MIBR shine once again in different game.

posted 5 days ago

His Turkish genetics played huge role in decision, if TSM really tried.

posted 2 weeks ago

At this point, maybe chiwawa wont be a bad idea 🤔

posted 3 weeks ago

Letsgooooo now transfer the rest of top 5 radiants in na

posted 3 weeks ago

Once on stream he said he was pretty tired of playing game prof. way, so i just guessed

posted 3 weeks ago

I think nukkye will eventually leave

posted 3 weeks ago

Suppmassiveblaze is really unpredictable team, Acend should thoroughly prepare to a game, even if they have game changing cNed.

posted 4 months ago

I don't know a thing about bonkar and kryptix performance, but kicking the rest of the guys in a list is a most DUMB thing to do.

Zombs is playing as a Controller, closing of a most problematic position in teams, and I bet ya every Tier - 1 player admires him as the best in position player.
Kicking Shadow because of his crosshairs, bro stop jkng, can you say exactly who can replace Steel as an IGL in 100T right now, I can say that sometimes when Thieves are facing teams much better of them like Sentinels callout are becoming somewhat dry without any potential, but he is not the main problem in a team, kicking him in not a solution.

posted 5 months ago