JD Gaming JD Gaming China Rank #6 stew Park Young-chan (박영찬) Viva Lifan Ran (冉立凡) jkuro Yong Haochong (杨浩聪) YiHao Chen Yihao (陈一豪) MarT1n Zhuo Zhengjie (卓政杰) have announced the acquisition of the Rare Atom core, consisting of Park "stew" Young-chan (박영찬), Lifan "Viva" Ran (冉立凡), Zhuo "MarT1n" Zhengjie (卓政杰), Chen "YiHao" Yihao (陈一豪), and head coach Ma "ValAnalysis" Hyun-sung (마현성). Former TOP Esports TOP Esports China Rank #7 MrCANI Chen Tingxun (陈廷训) player Yong "jkuro" Haochong (杨浩聪) rounds out the roster.

stew, Chae "yoman" Young-moon (채영문), and coach ValAnalysis made their mark on Gwangju Shadow Gwangju Shadow Inactive Ivy Distinct Francis Dambi , a Korean Challengers team that rivalled top contenders. GJS made a heavy impact during Challengers, reaching playoffs in Splits 1 and 2 – placing fourth in the former and top six in the latter. stew and yoman later left in June, with ValAnalysis following suit days later.

jkuro has been an active player since 2021 but found his footing with the Taiwanese Challengers team, Anti Eco Eco Club Anti Eco Eco Club Inactive MrCANI Chen Tingxun (陈廷训) FLoydQ Sing He Shengxi (何昇讳) trinity Leung Hing Yip (梁兴业) PPDBJ Qiu Zheng Yong (邱政咏) jkuro Yong Haochong (杨浩聪) . AEEC were one of the top dogs as they came fourth in Split 1 and second in Split 2. jkuro then joined TOP Esports but found slight success, as they went on to properly compete at China Evolution Series Act 3, where they placed fourth.

Rare Atom entered Valorant in February 2023 with a full Chinese roster, with Viva, Mart1n, Yihao, and Xin "Spitfires" Mingyan (辛明阳) as the base. They struggled in the first half of the year, given their eliminations at FGC Invitational Acts 1 and 2 and the VCT China Champion Qualifiers. However, Rare Atom catapulted up the Chinese hierarchy after stew, yoman, and ValAnalysis joined. RA dominated the competition with three consecutive top-three finishes at all three acts of the CN EVO Series and was a favorite for the upcoming Ascension tournament. Unfortunately for Rare Atom, they fell short in the grand finals to Dragon Ranger Gaming Dragon Ranger Gaming China Rank #4 nizhaoTZH Tang Zehao (唐哲昊) vo0kashu Ilya Ushakov Nicc Shao Yi-qun (邵逸群) TvirusLuke Chen Cheng-ching Dingwei Wei Dingwei (魏定伟) , placing second once more.

The JDG organization entered after Champions and only competed at the CN Evo Series, where they struggled in the open qualifiers. On December 10, 2023, JDG was announced as one of 11 teams competing in the VCT China League. Aside from assistant coach Li "Billyo" Xinyu (李新宇) staying on, the previous JDG roster parted ways.

The JD Gaming JD Gaming China Rank #6 stew Park Young-chan (박영찬) Viva Lifan Ran (冉立凡) jkuro Yong Haochong (杨浩聪) YiHao Chen Yihao (陈一豪) MarT1n Zhuo Zhengjie (卓政杰) 2024 roster is:

  • Park "stew" Young-chan (박영찬)
  • Lifan "Viva" Ran (冉立凡)
  • Yong "jkuro" Haochong (杨浩聪)
  • Chen "YiHao" Yihao (陈一豪)
  • Zhuo "MarT1n" Zhengjie (卓政杰)
  • Ma "ValAnalysis" Hyun Sung (마현성) (Head coach)
  • Li "Billyo" Xinyu (李新宇) (Assistant coach)