Dragon Ranger Gaming Dragon Ranger Gaming China Rank #4 nizhaoTZH Tang Zehao (唐哲昊) vo0kashu Ilya Ushakov Nicc Shao Yi-qun (邵逸群) TvirusLuke Chen Cheng-ching Dingwei Wei Dingwei (魏定伟) have emerged victorious from the VCT China: Ascension event after triumphing over favorites Rare Atom Rare Atom China Rank #22 in a convincing 3-1 matchup. Their win guarantees them a spot in the VCT 2024 Chinese Kickoff tournament alongside the other 10 partnered teams.

Entering the tournament's group stage as the third seed after accruing sufficient circuit points in the China Evolution Series, DRG were already off to a great start. The team won their opener in Group B against 17Gaming 17Gaming Inactive deLb Delbert Tanoto LuXlis PPDBJ Qiu Zheng Yong (邱政咏) Yoyo Xu Youxiang (徐佑翔) and were set to face Attacking Soul Esports Attacking Soul Esports Inactive monk Wang Haoyu (王浩宇) Yuicaw Huang Yung-chieh (黃湧傑) YHchen Chen Yuhan (陳昱瀚) Zero1 Meng Zhen Ren (任梦真) , the second seed, in the winner's matchup.

Unfortunately, DRG were swept away in two quick matches by their opponents and sent to the decider where they would meet Four Angry Men Four Angry Men China Rank #18 UdoTan Go Kyung-won (고경원) Banger Ace Weng Jiajin (翁家進) suyjing Wang Sicheng (王斯澄) XuAN Zhang Luxuan (张陆轩) WsLeo Huang Pinwei (黄品维) . In a hair-raising series that took both teams the distance, DRG emerged victorious and secured a spot at playoffs alongside Rare Atom, ASE, and Ninjas In Pyjamas Ninjas In Pyjamas Inactive YRSelect Eren Yang Zhengwei (杨曾威) JayH Wong Jia Heng SiuFatBB .

The team's momentum was quickly hindered by Rare Atom, who entered the tournament as the first seed and dominated the competition, which included DRG in their opening match of the semifinals. A quick 2-0 from their opponents sent the roster to fight for survival against NIP.

Unwilling to put their hopes of making the Chinese League to rest, DRG eliminated NIP and rode the momentum into their rematch against ASE. Despite losing their opening map, DRG managed to successfully pull off a comeback and eliminated ASE from the tournament in a five-map series to meet Rare Atom in the grand final.

In a series of events few predicted, DRG took Split and Ascent 13-7 and 14-12, securing a comfortable 2-0 lead before Rare Atom answered back on Lotus. A phenomenal map from stew – who finished the map with 22 kills and an ACS of 458 – allowed his team to take their first map of the series 13-0 and begin to bridge the gap DRG had built up.

Despite this minor setback, DRG mounted a comeback from an 11-8 deficit on Bind and claimed their third and final map, and with it, the Ascension trophy.

Five of DRG's players were among the top 10 rated players at playoffs. Notable performances from Duelist TvirusLuke and Sentinel player vo0kashu assisted their team immensely throughout the entirety of the event. The duo ended the grand finals with ACS stats of 234 and 218 respectively while maintaining a 15 kill lead ahead of the next player on their team.

DRG will now participate in the 2024 Chinese Kickoff tournament for a chance at one of the two Chinese slots at Masters: Madrid. With 11 total teams present, they will have to pull off another masterclass performance in order to secure a ticket to Spain.