TSM TSM North America Rank #2 hazed James Cobb WARDELL Matthew Yu Subroza Yassine Taoufik bang Sean Bezerra are looking to fill their roster with Aleko "LeviathanAG" Gabuniya, VLR.gg has learned.

After a promising end to 2020, the North American roster kicked the new year off with little success in Champions Tour. So far, they've only qualified for two Challengers as of Stage 3 and have gone through several changes since March. The most recent one was the benching of Taylor "Drone" Johnson, one of the first five members on the roster.

Just prior to that shuffle, a report from George Geddes had named Built By Gamers Built By Gamers North America Rank #19 rarkar Raymond Xu Poach Jake Brumleve Critical Tristan Trinacty Bjor Joseph Bjorklund Will William Cheng Trill Ashley Powell player Tristan "Critical" Trinacty as a potential replacement, having been seen practicing with the team alongside other candidates.

Even though Critical was absent from the Stage 3: Challengers 1 Open Qualifier, TSM have seem to have set their sights on another young blood to complete their roster, following in line with their recent signing of the 17-year-old potential prodigy in Sean "bang" Bezerra.

Their next addition is looking to be LeviathanAG, a 19-year-old player currently on Noble Noble Inactive Precision Colin O'Neill bdog Brandon Sanders LeviathanAG Aleko Gabuniya payen Nathaniel Lopez ZK Timothy Ly . Prior to Noble, he played for other North American mixes such as ez5 ez5 Inactive gucc107 . In his short time with Noble, the team have overcome seemingly pervasive roster instability, with the team seeing steady improvements with their current core.

Noble's latest showing was in the Stage 3: Challengers 1 qualifier. They notably shut out TSM in the Round of 32, booking a Top 16 slot with a 13-2 finish on Ascent. LeviathanAG finished that match with an average of 200 ACS and 145 ADR, the second highest in his team. They were then eliminated 2-1 by 100 Thieves in the subsequent qualifying match.

According to one source, the differences in playstyle were paramount in the decision to choose him over Critical, fitting more in the visions of IGL James "hazed" Cobb and Coach Chet "Chet" Singh. The American player has also quietly risen the rankings as of late, currently boasting nearly 240 ACS alongside the third-highest Assists Per Round (APR) in the region.

TSM plan to have their changes set in stone before the next VCT open qualifier comes around, with the roster ironing out creases behind the scenes. With only one more chance at Berlin remaining, Challengers 2's qualifier runs from July 22 to 26.

Should it be confirmed, TSM TSM North America Rank #2 hazed James Cobb WARDELL Matthew Yu Subroza Yassine Taoufik bang Sean Bezerra 's active roster will be: