In a competitive ruling, Freaks 4U Gaming has decided against Giants regarding the usage of a Cypher Spycam exploit on Breeze.

A competitive ruling regarding @GiantsGaming.

In their round of 32 match against bref bref Inactive Fatiiiih Newzera Alexis Humbert mikee Michael Lim Kiiyo Yoan Marchesin Dawn Tristan Bornet for Stage 3: Challengers 1, Giants were found to be illegally using a camera on Breeze's A site, as evidenced on Twitter. bref then took to Reddit, posting various clips and a conversation with an official.

F4U have decided on a one-map-loss penalty in Giants' next official VCT match for violating section 7.2.6 of the Global Competition Policy, which states:

7.2.6 Exploiting

Intentionally using any in game bug to seek an advantage is exploiting and is prohibited. Exploiting includes acts such as making use of any game function that, in the Tournament Operator's sole judgement, is not functioning as intended and violates the design purpose of VALORANT. Team members may confidentially check with the referee at the beginning of a Competition to determine if a specific act would be considered Exploiting. Riot reserves the right to make an ex-post-facto determination of whether an exploit has occurred.

If Giants does not receive a BYE in the first round of the next Stage 3 qualifier, they'll be out of contention for the entire stage, as the initial round is played as a Bo1. If they find themselves in the Bo3 round, they'll start their run a map away from elimination.