NRG Esports NRG Esports North America Rank #12 hazed James Cobb eeiu Daniel Vucenovic s0m Sam Oh ANDROID Bradley Fodor tex Ian Botsch has officially released Yannick " KOLER " Blanchette from their roster. He was benched by the team in December following the completion of First Strike.

I’ve been released from my contract with @NRGgg & am now a completely free agent LFT. TY to NRG & the #NRGFAM for the fun ride.

I’m eager to compete again & have major tourney experience on cypher, duelists, and smokes.

DMs open & RTs appreciated. TYSM for the continued support

KOLER's release was inevitable following NRG's signing of Ryan " Shanks " Ngo and Gage " Infinite " Green to return the starting roster to five players. KOLER, having already been benched, was he odd person out in an organization that had six players signed in total.

He had been tasked with playing duelists for NRG during First Strike but returned to Cypher, a character he had played previously on Immortals, during the Nerd Street Gamers November Monthly, his last tournament with the team. He also had experience playing smoke characters Omen and Brimstone while he was on Immortals.

This will be KOLER's first foray into free agency since he joined Immortals during the game's beta in May. He was signed directly from Immortals to NRG in October.