We're excited to announce an overhaul of match pages! Gone are the days of basic information on a singular page for each match. Now you can find a host of information divided between various tabs showcasing a host of information to tell you exactly what happened over the course of a match.

Not sure exactly how to navigate the new match pages or what you can find with them? We have a breakdown of the new match page just for you.

The basics

The first thing you'll notice is that there a bunch of individual tabs when you look at a match page now: Overview, Performance, Economy, and Logs. There are also tabs to look at this information across the entire match or by specific maps.

By default, you'll start in Overview. That's basically what you saw in match pages before but with some minor updates. Now you'll see a +/- for K/D, headshot percentage (HS%), first kills (FK, replacing FB), first deaths (FD), and a +/- difference between first kills and first deaths. Econ rating, plants, defuses, and kill participation percentage are no longer depicted on this basic Overview screen. Additionally, loadout values are no longer depicted alongside round results.

Everything else should be basically the same. If you're looking for the same information you had before, you never need to leave the comfort of the Overview tab. If you're interested in more, however, you'll find a world of statistical knowledge on the other tabs.


The Performance page will show you how individual players fared beyond the basic stats.

The top of the page shows a kill matrix showcasing how a player performed against other players specifically. Soon, this kill matrix will also show Operator kills so you can see how the OP dueled played out or who kept peeking a hot sniper.

Below that, you'll see how many multikills players got in rounds throughout the match, as well as how many clutches they won. You will also be able to find what rounds they occurred in specifically.


The Economy tab shows exactly that—a breakdown of the economy for each team throughout the match.

The remaining bank value of a team following the buy phase will be listed next to the round results. You'll find the general value of a team's loadout represented by a symbol within the round results themselves.

Rounds will be categorized as eco, semi-eco, semi-buy, or full-buy based on how much a team purchases. You'll see them represented in the individual rounds by dollar ($) signs. A blank round is an eco round, a $ is a semi-eco round, a $$ is a semi-buy, and a $$$ is a full-buy round. Rounds wins are marked the same way here as they are in the Overview tab: a colored-in round is a won round while a default uncolored round is a round loss.

Above all of this you'll be able to see the amount of rounds each team made a certain kind of buy and how many of those rounds they won.


The Logs tab isn't done yet, but it's coming soon. What can you expect?

Logs will show a round-by-round description of who killed who. It will also show when certain events happened, most notably when the bomb was planted and when it was detonated.

It won't be ready to go live today. However, look for the Logs tab going up later this week.


That's everything in regard to the match page update. Feel free to voice any feedback you have, whether you don't like anything or think something should be added. Finally, let us know about bugs as soon as you see them.

More exciting updates are coming down the pipeline. Look ahead for an overhaul to the rankings system, further stats updates and additions, and various quality of life changes.

In the meantime, use the new match page to check out how matches broke down in this week's Pop Flash. Perhaps you'll be surprised by what you find in your statistical deep dive!