Riot has revealed the second iteration of the Game Changers Championship will be hosted in their São Paulo-based studios from Nov. 28 to Dec. 3.

O Game Changers Championship está de volta em 2023, e será em São Paulo - com presença de público, na Arena CBLOL! 🔥

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The eight-best Game Changers teams will be flown to São Paulo to play in front of Riot's own 140-person CBLOL Arena, where they'll contest the second international GC title. The event's slots have also been announced, mirroring last year's distribution:

  • EMEA (2)
  • NA (2)
  • BR (1)
  • LATAM (1)
  • SEA (1)
  • East Asia (1)

Details regarding the North American and EMEA Game Changers circuits have surfaced recently. This year, NA will have a new organizer and verification system but will keep its format. EMEA will have a different format, opting for one 16-team EMEA league and two amateur levels of competition below it.

The first Game Changers Championship was hosted last November in the 174-seat LEC Studio, based in Berlin. After dominating the upper bracket, G2 Gozen G2 Gozen Europe Rank #1 roxi Vivian Schilling Mary Maryam Maher Petra Petra Stoker mimi Michaela Lintrup Glance Anastasia Anisimova claimed the title after reverse sweeping Shopify Rebellion GC Shopify Rebellion GC North America Rank #2 flowerful Kayla Horton KP Erika Lytle sonder Diana Zhang Lorri Lorrian Elad in the grand final.