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I've noticed a weird trend of some players who main one agent having an affinity for the same other agents they play.

I get it when it comes to duelists being more comfortable with Kayo and all, but some of these don't make a lot of sense at first.

For example: take Mada and Alfajer

They both play KJ and Neon, which I've always found really interesting role-wise because they both require completely separate play-styles.

Another example is Sova and Raze, there are so many players that Main sova but also main raze on certain maps.

Just a late-night thought.


Tru jett and sage too


i have the same thing going on, i can play very good kj and viper but am bad at cypher
good at raze and neon, bad at jett
can play kayo, but bad at skye and breach
it just be like that sometimes

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