UPDATE: Details about G-Loot Clash's format have since come out. The article has been updated to reflect this.

G-Loot Clash, the first of several VCT OFF//SEASON tournaments in Europe, has been announced. It will take place from October 19 to November 27 and boasts a $50,000 USD prize pool.

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The tournament will kick off with three regional qualifiers: EU West, EU East, and Türkiye & MENA. Signups open on Oct. 3, while the qualifiers themselves are scheduled to last from Oct. 19 to Oct. 23. Each one of the three qualifiers will draft four teams into the next stage, Showdown.

Four teams will also be drafted from the G-Loot Brawl — a weekly asynchronous ladder-like competition — in the Showdown stage. The first week, which ended on Oct. 3, has already selected one team. The second Brawl begins today, Oct. 10, and concludes next week with one team qualifying for the Showdown. The final Brawl takes place in the week of Oct. 17 and drafts two teams. To participate in the G-Loot Brawl, you need to install the G-Loot app and let it track your statistics.

The four G-Loot Brawl teams will join the twelve qualified teams for the 16-team Showdown stage. It will run from Oct. 28 to 30 and draft a number of teams into the Clash Grand Final. While that number hasn't been revealed, the Showdown teams will face off against squads from the VCT for a total of 16 teams in the final stage of the G-Loot Clash.

The Grand Finals will have a live talent team broadcasting from Stockholm from Nov. 25 to Nov. 27.