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Valorant - Aspas

posted 15 minutes ago

hindsight Andy
watched 2 minutes and I knew he was ass

even Lothar is better - watched 10 minutes

posted 35 minutes ago

C9 best team in America's
C9 2-0

posted 1 hour ago

Gonna make champs

Only assific team I like

posted 1 hour ago

Pacific formula is crazy lmfaooo
Tokyo: PRX + 2KR
Champs 2023: PRX + 2KR + 4th (whoever was good on the day)
Madrid: PRX + 1KR
Shanghai: PRX + 2KR
Champs 2024: PRX +2KR + 4th (whoever is good on the day)

posted 12 hours ago


posted 12 hours ago


u can switch to other regions from there

posted 13 hours ago


bro shakes on phantom too much

posted 13 hours ago

every Iso I go against is ass bro
I always win the fight

i think im just better

posted 13 hours ago

you are right. i dont know why ur getting downfragged.

but you guys are ignoring FNC at LOCK//IN excluding the last 3 maps of the grand finals. FNC shit on everybody.

posted 14 hours ago

yk what.
i agree

posted 14 hours ago

edit: I meant Most to Least Dominant Run by the Winner

All Event Winners Series and Maps Scores:

  1. SEN Reykjavik: Series 4-0, Maps 9-0
  2. GMB: Series 5-1, Maps 12-3
  3. ACEND: Series 5-0, Maps 11-3
  4. OPTIC: Series 6-2, Maps 15-6
  5. FPX: Series 7-2, Maps 17-10 (had a sub for 4 games)
  6. LOUD: Series 6-1, Maps 14-3
  7. FNC LOCK//IN: Series 5-0, Maps 12-2
  8. FNC Tokyo: Series 4-0, Maps 9-1
  9. EG: Series 6-1, Maps 15-6
  10. SEN Madrid: Series 5-1, Maps 13-7
  11. GENG: Series 6-0, Maps 13-5

Most Dominant to Least Dominant in terms of scores:

  1. SEN Reykjavik 2021
  2. FNC LOCK//IN 2023
  3. FNC Tokyo 2023
  4. ACEND Champions 2021
  5. GENG Shanghai 2024
  6. LOUD Champions 2022
  7. GAMBIT Berlin 2021
  8. EG Champions 2023
  9. SEN Madrid 2024
  10. OPTIC Reykjavik 2022
  11. FPX Copenhagen 2022 (they had a random sub for 4 games, unlucky)

Most Dominant to Least Dominant in my opinion:

  1. FNC Tokyo 2023
  2. SEN Reykjavik 2021
  3. FNC LOCK//IN 2023
  4. GAMBIT Berlin 2021
  5. GENG Shanghai 2024
  6. LOUD Champions 2022
  7. ACEND Champions 2021
  8. EG Champions 2023
  9. FPX Copenhagen 2022
  10. SEN Madrid 2024
  11. OPTIC Reykjavik 2022
posted 17 hours ago


Kiles the goat

posted 17 hours ago

at the time of DFM vs T1, no one thought that DFM would win it

for the FURIA 100T game:

  1. 100T just came from Shanghai.
  2. FURIA had a lot of time to cook.
  3. FURIA have won maps, unlike MIBR.
posted 17 hours ago

where is cNed?
where is Bonecold (an igl that carried 3 bots to a champions win. Saadhak and FNS could never)

  1. Less
  2. cNed
  3. Aspas
  4. Bonecold
  5. Sacy
posted 17 hours ago

not even close to biggest upset

100T are ass

biggest upset of the year was DFM vs T1 (how tf did this dogpac team win a game)

posted 17 hours ago

CS is the better game

idk what ur on about

posted 17 hours ago

he was taking a break until like middle of stage 1

pretty late for any team to pick up ScreaM (ruining the built-up team chemistry) and so it would be risky for stage 2 (qualifying to champs).

or teams like KOI were trying to pick him up, which ScreaM would instantly reject.

posted 18 hours ago

better list:

  1. GENG
  2. TH
  3. NRG
  4. KC
  5. SEN
  6. FNC
  7. PRX
  8. FPX
  9. FUT
  10. DRX
posted 18 hours ago

top 7

  1. TH
  2. FUT
  3. FNC
  4. KC
  5. VIT
  6. NAVI
  7. GX
posted 18 hours ago

with NRG 2nd

posted 18 hours ago

whole roster was changed except sh1n

ur ignoring XMS and Newzera (garbage players)

also ScreaM chose to leave lmfao

posted 18 hours ago

and Rb

posted 19 hours ago

Redgar Reyna

posted 19 hours ago

Redgar Reyna on Gambit 2021

GMB vs ENVY M3 Berlin Finals Redgar Reyna was goated.

posted 19 hours ago

ScreaM is tier 1

KC was tier 5

pls dont confuse between the two and do not disrespect ScreaM cuz ur just biased. He has done so much for the French and Belgian fans.

posted 19 hours ago

Chet vs Potter Results (btw Chet wasnt in Envy until after M3 Berlin - where Envy got 2nd)

2021: N/A, N/A, 9th-12th (victor was sick)
2022: 1st (fluke since FPX were better. 2nd), 3rd, 2nd
2023: 5th-8th, 4th, 9th-12th
2024: N/A, N/A

2021: N/A, N/A, N/A
2022: N/A, N/A, N/A
2023: 9th-16th, 2nd, 1st
2024: N/A, N/A

posted 20 hours ago

I agree with this.
Chet is way more successful in Valorant so far.

posted 20 hours ago


why wouldnt they just switch coaches to a better coach if chet was bad

yall are stupid asf.

posted 20 hours ago

yall do know that Chet is way more successful in Valorant than potter right?

posted 20 hours ago

bro I thought they would be getting to playoffs in champs


posted 20 hours ago

Boaster: 2nd, N/A, 5th-8th, 11th-12th (2 subs on FNATIC), 4th, 5th-6th, 1st, 1st, 4th, N/A, 7th-8th
Boostio: N/A, N/A, N/A, N/A, N/A, N/A, 9th-16th, 2nd, 1st, N/A, 4th

Boaster was successful before the superteam as well. until Boostio shows good results for another year or two, he cant be compared with Boaster.

superteam squad that carried him

do you know what happened to NRG at the start of this year?

posted 20 hours ago

bro thinks upsets cant happen

i cant with ur biased dumbass

posted 20 hours ago
  1. overall success u idiot.
posted 21 hours ago


they are the 5th most successful team in their overall performance in Valorant (after FNC, NV/OPTC/NRG, LOUD, PRX)

posted 21 hours ago


posted 21 hours ago

Boaster & Ange1

sorry but top 4 igls of all time is still Saadhak FNS Boaster Ange1

posted 21 hours ago


all the teams are ass

AMERICAS will only have 2 teams in playoffs of Champions (NRG & LOUD)

posted 22 hours ago

americas whole region is too flukey/inconsistent this year

dont downfrag me. im not saying americas is bad.

posted 22 hours ago
  2. EG
  3. GENG
  4. PRX
  5. SEN
  6. LOUD
  7. TH
  8. FUT
  9. DRX
  10. NRG
posted 22 hours ago

a team with mistic enz0 emiL is never winning or getting close to winning anything sadly

Mistic's best moment was that 1v2 insane flick against M3C (EMEA Stage 1 2022)
Enz0's best moment was the 1v3 defuse against LEV (Copenhagen 2022)

posted 1 day ago


champions 2025 won

hold up.
NAVI -zyppan +sheydos
NAVI -ardiis +trexx

Shao Suygetsu Sheydos Trexx Ange1 = cis superteam

posted 1 day ago

FNC should be here

This list is just americas bias

posted 1 day ago

KOI is ass, but it isnt them. not anymore

prob MIBR or an assific team

posted 1 day ago

blud's tripping
Leo was also sick in that GENG (winners of tournament) match bro.

EMEA will have 4 teams in playoffs, AMERICAS 2, PACIFIC 1, CHINA 1

posted 1 day ago

getting downfragged for the truth

i cant with these biased fucks on this site.
actually sad how the AMER-APAC propaganda has taken over 95% of ppl 😭😭😭

posted 1 day ago

FUT beat LEV (AMER 3rd) bro. what tf are u on about

FNC also lost to GENG by 2 rounds. FNC wins against any other PAC team lmfao

posted 1 day ago
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