Nolan " Temperature " Pepper, Aleksandar " ALEKSANDAR " Hinojosa, and Zander " FIEND " Bates have announced they will be leaving the roster of Moon Raccoons Moon Raccoons Inactive Rebo Christopher Heindel and looking for new teams in a series of tweets posted by the individual players.

Nolan Pepper
Moving forward in Valorant.

My Future in Valorant

Exploring individual offers as Primary OP, flexible agents, Lots of T1 tournament exp w/ Moon Raccoons (~1500 rnds).
Open to all offers/opportunities DMs open!
RTs and likes greatly appreciated <3

According to team captain Christopher " Rebo " Heindel, multiple players got individual team offers while still on Moon Raccoons, and turned down those offers in favor of the hope that a team would sign the entire Moon Raccoons roster instead of multiple players being poached to join other teams, as mentioned in his Twitlonger about the matter.

Known as one of the best unsigned teams from North America's Tier 2 scene, Moon Raccoons initially made their names known by finishing fourth in the NSG x Renegades Invitational and even claimed an upset over Gen.G in the quarterfinals along the way. They later continued their impressive streak by advancing all the way to the UMG closed qualifiers of First Strike: North America, but fell to TSM in the quarterfinals, signifying the end of the team's First Strike rally.

Recently, the team said goodbye to Magno " pr0phie " Ramos as he became an official member of Spacestation Gaming, although he had been playing with SSG since the NSG December monthly .

In the place of pr0phie, Moon Raccoons have been playing with Ryan " ryann " Welsh, but did not see improvement in tournament, as they made a group stage exit in the NSG Winter Championship, losing to NRG Esports and Spacestation Gaming in 2-0 scorelines, exiting the tournament without a top eight berth.

Rebo himself has also stated that he is willing to trial for other teams, but he has expressed a desire to continue rebuilding and moving forward under the Moon Racoons banner.