As the European shuffle begins in wake of First Strike, Alliance have announced the recruitment of British caster James Banks as the general manager of the organization's future Valorant division. In a press release, Alliance stated that Banks has been tasked with scouting a potential roster in the EMEA region for the 2021 Valorant season.

Alliance 🏡😷
Welcome @BanKsEsports to the #ALLfam!😎

As we approach 2021 we are taking our first steps into #VALORANT by acquiring James as our General Manager of the division!



"This is a new challenge and a new chapter for me," James Banks said in the release. "When I was first talking to the guys at Alliance they were very serious in how they wanted to approach the Valorant scene and what they could offer a team."

"Together with my experience and their fantastic support team we will be on the hunt for the right team or players to create something special."

In a follow-up tweet Banks clarified that he still intends to work as broadcast talent during his time with Alliance, and will also work to have the roster move to Alliance's facilities.

Alliance are a European organization first founded in 2014, originally formed around Dota 2 player Jonathan "Loda" Berg. The organization have since expanded to multiple games and are currently one of the first major European organizations to publicly express intent to enter the Valorant scene following First Strike.