T1 T1 North America Rank #13 thwifo Zander Kim Skadoodle Tyler Latham autimatic Timothy Ta curry Rahul Nemani made a splash by being the very first professional esports organization to sign VALORANT players.

They first signed brax on March 9, before the closed beta even launched. The organization followed that up by signing AZK soon after the beta launched. Their last signing was crashies , who was signed in late April.

The team currently has just three players and have not played in any official matches as a team. Their players have competed in invitational tournaments during the beta with other teams.

All three players have a history in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Their first two players—Brax and AZK—were involved in the 2014 North American match fixing scandal as members of the iBuyPower team. They were indefinitely banned from Valve events and thus have played in few CS:GO tournaments since then.

AZK had a career in Overwatch following the game's launch after his CS:GO career. He played his entire professional career as a DPS player for Team Liquid. His team finished second in Contenders Season Zero in 2017, but the organization dropped the roster soon after to leave Overwatch entirely. He retired from Overwatch immediately after to return to CS:GO after he was unbanned by various tournament organizers.

Brax became a Counter-Strike streamer after getting banned and played with AZK on various teams after they were allowed to compete in select tournaments. While AZK last played competitively in 2018, Brax was last on CS:GO team as recently as this year.

Crashies also last competed in CS:GO this year, although his professional career began well after AZK and Brax were banned. He briefly competed for the Riot Squad Esports organization. T1 is the first major esports organization Crashies has played for.

AZK is currently the veteran of this team at 29 years old. Brax is 23 and Crashies is 22.

Brax and AZK have competed on the same team together in four tournaments so far. They've won three of them and finished second in one other. They've each played a number of different agents in those tournaments.

While Crashies has not had the same level of success in tournaments thus far, his results have been nothing to scoff at. After not making the final bracket in the 100 Thieves Invitational, Crashies was on the team that finished second in the T1 Invitational and took a game off of Brax's and AZK's team. His team finished in the top four of the Code Green Invitational.

Crashies has played Cypher during these tournaments, settling on a main as opposed to the varied picks made by Brax and AZK.

The three have yet to all play on the same team together. They still need two more teammates to make a full team.