Evil Geniuses GC Evil Geniuses GC Inactive PowerPixele Nora Lorri Lorrian Elad StarBound theia Melisa Mundorff are the first team eliminated from the 2023 Game Changers Championship after suffering a 2-0 loss at the hands of Team Liquid Brazil Team Liquid Brazil Brazil Rank #23 Bizerra Vitoria Vieira Joojina Letícia Paiva isaa Isabeli Esser daiki Natalia Vilela bstrdd Paula Naguil .

Team Liquid came into the series off the back of a one-sided loss to G2 Gozen G2 Gozen Europe Rank #41 rezq Eda Naz Akçocuk amy Amy Lai Vania Aleyna Keskin Petra Petra Stoker mimi Michaela Lintrup in the upper bracket. Despite coming into the event as North America's first seed, EG have similarly struggled thus far in Brazil and hoped to redeem themselves after a devastating 2-0 loss to Team SMG GC Team SMG GC Inactive enerii Odella Abraham Alexy Alexy Francisco shirazi Kelly Jaudian Kamiyu Camille Enriquez .

“Whatever happens happens, but we're here to play,” said EG coach Jovi .

Ultimately daiki proved to be exactly what Liquid needed in the series, dropping a 1.05 KPR and 1.56 rating to top the scoreboard for her team — A notable +0.54 rating boost from her prior series vs G2 Gozen.

daiki performed excellently across both maps.

daiki wasn't alone however in providing heroic moments for Liquid on Split as Joojina supplied two separate 4Ks and accrued 146 ADR, just narrowly behind daiki's 157. Liquid's entry capabilities were on full display as daiki and bstrdd combined for 12 of their team's 17 first kills compared to a paltry six from the entirety of EG.

EG started both halves on the right foot as the North Americans took both pistols. However, they were unable to maintain this momentum as a thrifty win with five Classics in round two caught the better of them.

Unfortunately, the performances of EG's stars in Lorri and StarBound proved insufficient to take the map as Liquid secured the final three rounds consecutively to close out the map 13-10.

Joojina accumulated four 4Ks over the series.

EG seemed out of gas on their map pick. Ascent was a one-sided affair through and through as Liquid, despite losing the pistol, handily converted an 8-4 lead into a 13-6 map victory to take the series 2-0.

Joojina continued to provide crucial multikill rounds, including a 4K 1v2 in the final round to secure the series. Liquid were unmatched between Joojina's standout moments and daiki's 22 kills and 202 ADR.

Liquid's ability to come back from player deficits was crucial in taking the map win. In a reversal of what occurred on Split, EG took 12 first kills to Liquid's seven. The North Americans ended the map with a 5v4 conversion rate of just 33%.

Team Liquid bstrdd Team Liquid Brazil carry on in the lower bracket. (Photo by Adela Sznajder/Riot Games)

Team Liquid Brazil have survived the first round of the lower bracket and move on to face the loser of BBL Queens vs Shopify Rebellion tomorrow.

“I really want to play against meL and Shopify Rebellion Shopify Rebellion North America Rank #29 meL Melanie Capone alexis Alexis Guarrasi Noia Nicole Tierce florescent Ava Eugene sarahcat Sarah Simpson , but I think we'll play against BBL Queens BBL Queens Europe Rank #2 schnellÆ Ayşe Ergül proxima Aslıhan Uslu Wens Gülce Eda Sürmeli alkyia Azra Erin Felipa Zehra Durak ” said daiki.

Evil Geniuses GC have been eliminated in 7th-8th place at Game Changers 2023: Sao Paulo.