Chao Hui EDward Gaming Chao Hui EDward Gaming China Rank #10 Blue WawaLee XiMiLu Lizhi Yusin Clem will field Blue in place of Lizhi throughout the duration of the 2023 Game Changers Championship: São Paulo. Lizhi is reportedly unable to attend due to health issues.

Blue has already subbed in for Lizhi before on numerous occasions throughout EDG's participation in the Game Changers 2023 China: Qualifier. The substitute player stepped in twice during the group stage and once in the playoffs against TYLOO GC TYLOO GC Game Changers Unranked 板板OwO 于子怡 crybaby YC33 JacketZz .

After qualifying to the Game Changers: East Asia tournament back in October, EDG took down opponent after opponent to claim their rightful place on the international stage following a 3-1 victory over ZETA DIVISION GC ZETA DIVISION GC Japan Rank #7 suzu Moco Sarina Kawashima aco .

The Chinese organization is set to face fan-favorites Shopify Rebellion Shopify Rebellion North America Rank #29 meL Melanie Capone alexis Alexis Guarrasi Noia Nicole Tierce florescent Ava Eugene sarahcat Sarah Simpson in their first matchup of the event on November 29.