The AfreecaTV Valorant League group stage — part of Riot's Pacific OFF//SEASON events — inches closer.

The league has hosted multiple events over the years, but their most recent one sees a prize pool that dwarfs their previous awards. The event will be offline and will bring together all participating teams in a LAN environment.


The group stage will take place over the course of December 5 to 8 as the eight teams present will slowly be whittled down to four, with the victors advancing to the playoffs. Each of the two groups will utilize a Bo3 double-elimination bracket to increase the chances of different matchups and victors.

Playoffs will take place from December 9 and 10, and will use a single-elimination, Bo3 format up to the grand final, which will be a Bo5. The winner of the event will take home $25,000 USD, a generous chunk of the prize pool.

Two of the eight teams earned their chance to represent their region through their own respective qualifiers, with the rest of the teams being invited to showcase their new rosters.

The two groups will foster the following teams:

Group A:

Group B:


The tournament will be streamed on AfreecaTV and Douyu on different channels, which have been listed below:

The event will be hosted in Seoul's Sangam Afreeca Colosseum, a stadium in South Korea and target destination for the teams flying out to participate in the tournament.