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we will find out in 38 mins

posted 22 hours ago

ok but please explain how this will help me propose to my crush tomorrow.

posted 23 hours ago

Many pro players read VLR proof -


posted 1 day ago

technically 6, lf is a duelist now.

posted 1 day ago

I don't care if they are weaker or stronger than any of those teams.

Fact is TH vs Bleed was actually pretty close.

I don't how the word "clapped" can be used here.

posted 1 day ago

Then it just comes down to slot distribution and how dominant a team is in their region.

EMEA and NA have always had more slot priority compared to APAC. Masters 2 Iceland 2021, we had 2 teams from BR, EMEA and NA.

1 Team from other regions

Kinda a stupid thread with no point.

posted 1 day ago

so you are fucking apac without knowing who is apac?

posted 1 day ago

Going overtime is not exactly called getting clapped.

Also they still have the old G2 core which was already one of the best teams EMEA.

posted 1 day ago

PRX still qualified as one of the best teams in APAC and went on to have some good matches against DRX and SMB (which was high EU seed btw).

That was all without Jingg.

The replacement of Shiba (arguably the player with the least firepower) with Jingg helped them become the team they are today.

Forsaken still carried PRX in APAC throughout.

posted 2 days ago

"height" of what?

posted 2 days ago

We found him guys.

posted 2 days ago

Did he change his name to his old one to improve his mood?

posted 2 days ago

Is he in a really bad mood?

posted 2 days ago

ok but so is every industry. Don't say you can take Hollywood movies nowadays seriously.

Marvel is such a joke, Its ok if you watch it but the movies themselves are made for kids no older than 12 y/o.

Feels nice to call out other content but you should look at what you are comparing it to.

posted 3 days ago

U.S comics (marvel, d.c) are much more mature

man just said Marvel is mature ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

posted 3 days ago

Indo superteam vs Indo superteam (wannabe)

Indo superteam wins.

posted 3 days ago

There is a biological age at which you cannot react fast enough. Kappa is way beyond that age to get his mechanics down.

I play osu! and I started at the age of 18. I am getting better at the game but kids the age of 15 are getting better much faster than I ever could. So basically I am just losing ranks at this point because younger kids learn and get better much faster than me. I am 21 now and I can confidently say that my slow progress is 50% due to starting (and playing) at a much older age compared to the rest and the other 50% comes from the fact that I just don't have the competitive drive anymore. It is a very mechanics-heavy game with little to no use of the brain. Just your aim and rhythm sense matter. This is a perfect example to use to associate the link between age and mechanics.

When 21 is already considered to be an old age to develop mechanics it doesn't matter shit if Kappa grinds 12 hours a day at the age of 30. He is not special and cannot defy the laws of nature. The people you are calling the "best players of the nation" are Amaterasu and Rite2Ace in VLT, who themselves are around 30. or other 27-year + pro players in EG.

Yes, he has the experience, a LOOTTT of experience. Plays much better on LAN compared to online but his mechanics are bounded by the laws of science.

From what we can see already, it does not take more than 6 months to become an experienced player in valorant. There are numerous examples. Jingg, Zekken, Surf, Alfajer and so many more are extremely young players and star players. Even without that 10+ years of experience, they are easily much better than Kappa.

He is old and should acknowledge that. It would be much better for the Indian scene if he moved on and became a coach for a team with a lot of young talent. However, unfortunately, he is in the playing 5 of the best SA team that does not achieve shit outside and all these resources could have gone into getting new talent into the scene.

posted 3 days ago

If a player pops off in ascension, a franchise team will probably just poach that player.

That is what ascension is for anyways. It's a talent feed into the franchise league. I doubt most teams that do well in ascention will stay together because as soon as 1 team performs well, an underperforming franchise team will pick their best player up and now you have a broken ascension team.

It's difficult for new orgs to get in (only 2 per fixed number of years) but players will be cycled continuously.

posted 3 days ago

unfortunate really.

posted 4 days ago

man started whaling on waifus โ˜ ๏ธ

posted 4 days ago

unfortunately, maxie and pyth were not doing much in the APAC league.

posted 4 days ago

He has a 98 kill game with 3 maps.

posted 4 days ago

AE win if noxxy is in a good mood.

posted 4 days ago

Stay strong brother. Don't leave us at such a young age.

posted 4 days ago

That was the intention.

posted 6 days ago

Your usage of names just shows how clueless you are about this topic.

Hindu symbols being mistaken for swastikas

The Hindu symbol is called swastika. It's literally a Hindi/Sanskrit word. You guys saw that the Nazi sign and the swastika looked similar and you started calling it the swastika.

Just look at how you instead called the Nazi symbol as the swastika and call the original stuff "hindu symbols". The Nazi swastika is an appropriation of the hindu swastika and you guys are clueless about it.

If you come to India and ask a Hindu to remove this sign from his home or his clothes cause it looks like the Nazi symbol, you will probably be beaten right then and there by a mob probably even though this religious symbol is probably more than 4000 years old or something. Ofc you have never seen this religious fanaticism with your own eyes so I do not expect you to understand 1% of it.

tasteless reference to a 700-year-old conflict

This is a really dumb statement. People forget such things in a few hundred years when you are riding the industrial revolution and your economy is booming while you sleep with full stomachs and heavy wallets.

Most middle eastern countries still retell the stories of that time. The image is still alive in their memories and then you walk in calling it a 700 old incident so just laugh at the jokes we make cause we do not suffer from any consequences of that event.

There is still active Muslim phobia in much of the "Christian" world. Probably comparable to the effects of racism.

You live in a world where Muslims are called terrorists on sight and you want them to forget an incident that literally intended to wipe the existence of Muslims from the world.

One activity is banned by law, the other is just purposefully disrespecting local people.

I am pretty sure public display of any religion apart from Islam is banned by law in Qatar. Did you smoke the grass from your lawn today?

posted 6 days ago

well, the PRX CEO might not be Indian but around 40% of Indians can not speak Hindi so this point has 0 value.

posted 6 days ago

This thread is for keeping track of days when there was not an Indian and an Indo user clashing with each other on this site.

If there is an update comment below and I will edit this thread.

I will start tracking from 25th Nov 22. The rules for the day to be eligible are as follows -

1) A day starts at 12 AM IST for our purposes. There should not be a clash between an Indian and an Indo user for 24 hours within that day to be considered a "no clash" day.

2) If it is common knowledge that a user is fake-flagging and is an Indian or Indo, it will still be considered as a clash and the day will not be added.

3) A clash is defined as a user from either of the two countries saying anything negative about the other country. This includes talking shit about SkRossi or mentioning the BOOM zipline incident but are not limited to such comments.

4) If a claim is made that a day was peaceful, another user may try to refute the claim by pasting a link of a post on that date that contains a post with a clash between Indo and IND.

5) The dates are mentioned in DD/MM/YY format.

6) A rule may be appended to this list of rules if a suggestion gets more than 50 upvotes as we love democracy.

7) Please do not pollute the thread by replying with Ls or Ws as it makes it tough to track the days.

List of no clash days

Day since last no clash day: 0

posted 6 days ago

Why is this pinoy speaking on behalf of us Indians?

posted 1 week ago

look guys, this is what a guy who just got baited looks like.

posted 1 week ago

This is what a 0 IQ EU guy living his whole life in privilege looks like.

When people make Nazi jokes, you guys cry.

When there are other racist jokes you guys cry.

But you want to wear a crusade costume to an already conservative middle eastern country and want them to take it as a joke.

This crusade costume looks just as funny as a Hindu Indian wearing clothes with the swastika plastered over his clothes in Germany. Ofc it's normal in India, but you don't do that shit in EU and thankfully most people here are intelligent enough to comprehend that.

This is the epitome of the mindset that the world revolves around me. Those brits were lucky that they were not allowed and simply asked to leave. In a less fortunate scenario, they would probably be beaten up by the crowd and deported immediately.

posted 1 week ago


lmao where is this guy


the traitor ofc.

posted 1 week ago

tbh, this is going too far from the brit fans. You guys take this shit as funny cause you guys do not face the consequence of such events but a lot of middle east countries take this shit very seriously. Even if Qatar was not this fanatical religious country this is actually a huge L from those brits.

posted 1 week ago

who tf are these slot-stolen guys?

posted 1 week ago

Almost used to be a broken char till Kazuha came out.

If you have Kazuha she is useless if you do not have him use her, even better if you can get her constellations.

posted 1 week ago

ToF is ๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคฎdon't tell me unironically like that game.

1) It's just a straight-up copy.

2) People think it's more generous while the character design/personality/story is just shit. I would rather have 1 genshin 5 star character whose background I really like than have 5 of these SSR chars with no actual substance.

3) It's an MMORPG but its designed more like genshin which is a single player first game with coop support. The devs themselves are confused what to do with this game.

I don't even have to say anything else about the game. The game died within a week of its launch. Didn't know people were still playing that game.

posted 1 week ago

its mid till you reach sumeru.

posted 1 week ago

5 stacks only face the other 5 stacks after the update around a year ago. This sounds like a skill issue.

posted 1 week ago

touching grass and dirt playing kabaddi.

posted 1 week ago

That's fine but you are asking for attention on VLR which means you are basically a no-lifer.

posted 1 week ago

Sad Itto noodle arm noises.

posted 1 week ago

Just because he is a fragging IGL does not mean that he is in the top 15. There are at least 15 players that are not IGLs but are better than stax.

posted 1 week ago

Hard to say, both have crazy followings.

Cricket is crazy popular in every single state of India.

While football is really popular in Kerala, Bengal and North Eastern states but cricket is still popular.

posted 1 week ago

Will most probably be the middle of the pack in T2. Will most probably not beat better T1 ascension teams.

posted 1 week ago

Man's entire life just involves hating on GE lmao.

posted 1 week ago

Brimstone gaming owns them unfortunately.

posted 1 week ago

Yoru is a gimmicky agent, when you are playing against it without experience, ofc you will perform very bad. Even vision strikers lost a map around their perfect win streak to another team playing Yoru due to his gimmicks. However, once you know what those gimmicks are, it becomes easy to counter-strat them.
It became worse when Forsaken literally went to every other EU streamer as a guest and just explained their entire playbook to them like a little child. I heard some T2 EU teams on scrim discord servers studying those lineups and plays. If T2 teams who will never play against PRX are doing it, you bet teams like G2 and others are doing it as well.
You could say the same for the PRX playstyle as well. Very gimmicky but easy to counter once you are experienced against them (like how DRX and Zeta counter them) Also local SEA teams give them much more of a fight nowadays compared to NA or EU teams who never played against them.

+ve response will be appreciated

You are on VLR though?

posted 1 week ago

shhh don't speak the obvious.

posted 1 week ago

You have a lot to learn about debating with people online. Unfortunately, you went up against me.

Anyways best of luck on your essay.

posted 1 week ago
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