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Probably 0.25 or something

posted 1 day ago

Daddy Bogdan ‘Sheydos’ Naumov will shit all over shitdiss, shitNS, Shit0m, Trashies and Licktor and remind them why they lost masters 3

Trashicle and Nyaa~ts not needed because Sheydos has come to play. Shitxo and Shitfen not needed.

posted 6 days ago - Yousei Teikoku - DISORDER Abyss - Asriel

A little branch of my main jams (rock, leaning a lot into metal/nu metal)

What do you guys think? What would you rate each of the songs?

posted 1 week ago

Frfr twitter grindset

posted 1 week ago

NA teams:

lol who irrelevant region all i know is that ladysasuke and nutab1e didnt make it to regional finals

eu teams:
like wtf am i supposed to say?
best team is vipermommy, patuj or resytred

apac teams:
global esports

posted 1 month ago

navi with like 1 week of prac
and fnatic with mistic instead of goaticle

keep coping na frog ur #1 superteam got diffed by fokhus

posted 1 month ago

VLR Community Cup

posted 2 months ago


me personally, i like red bull overall the best since they have multiple good flavors and i feel actually more awake when i drink it but bang energy & monster have some smackin' and packin' flavors like rainbow unicorn, lewis hamilton and mango loco

posted 2 months ago

i dont think they produced any in Amerika, thats why

but u can still buy it online if u wanna try it, its insanely good if u like the flavor of red bull but think its too many chemicals or too bitter

you can order it online (but luckily for me my convenience store has a fuckton of it in the energy drinks freezer)

posted 2 months ago

Since you guys on VLR are like 12 and probably cant buy any energy drinks, I'll give you a good monster guide

Assault: It does not take like coke at all here in Sweden. It's like, a ginger monster but it has a darker flavor than what you'd expect

Lewis Hamilton Monster: Sweeter redbull with a better taste in the front and a good aftertaste. I recommend this one, as well as Pipeline Punch & Mango Loco. Stay away from Ultra Zero or whatever its called. Original is meh as well. (If you like the sweetness go for it, if you dont like ultra sweet stuff then you should probably not drink it)

Disclaimer: I've heard Ultra Paradise tastes okay, but honestly stick with the 3 i mentioned before, they're guaranteed to be insanely good

redbull still solos

posted 2 months ago

KOI - almighty Bogdan "Sagedos" Naumov and Trexx, how can you not cheer for this team??
DR Ekis Ekis Ekis - BuZz, Stax & their strats
ZETA - ffs man I wanna see anime country take home a trophy
TL - my boys redgar and ayaz "nyats" akhmetsin are there
FNC - Chronicle and Derke bromance
honourable mentions: choke9 and chokeinels

posted 2 months ago

i just reposted a lot of my old copypastas from when I was trolling NA frogs after Copenhagen

it isnt that deep man

posted 2 months ago

why so quiet?

why NA frogs cry so free? dont cry about coach when up 2-0 but when sonder becomes a bot you guys start crying about coach debuff XD

xdd na so free, always excuses when lose xdd when sentineLs lose berlin NA frogs go "save strats" xdd

cope harder, EU always wins LAN when we dont decide to throw so NA frogs keep watching

first reverse sweep at an international LAN btw

As a Romanian it was always hard for me to understand American culture. What was fascinating for me is that they like bragging about their freedom which was weird for me, because I didn't think that I have any less freedom than them. I always thought 'What is the difference'. However after this game I finally understand it. NA is just so free.

I was American SR fan, I loved FLOWERFUL but she left and I'm G2G Fan Now.
My New Name Is Fredrich Schumacher.
我来自EU,我最喜欢的球队是 G2 Gozen.
You Can Support G2 Like Me ,Come Join Us

NA, also more commonly known as "No Achievements" is the categorically worst Region at VALORANT. They are so bad that "Br0nzil, Region owned by TenzedZombie", beat them in the grand finals. No Achievements is the world-leading VALORANT region at speedrunning 0 VALORANT Champions victories in the world, marginally beating out APAC, more commonly known as "Arrive at Airport and Achievements Cucked". They are commonly the best Region in the world at trash talking EMEA, commonly known as "Every Masters Every Achievement" while only having won 2 Masters and 0 VCT Champions and 0 VCT GC Champions. NA players cope so hard, but here are the stats:

Sonder: botfrag
Flowerful: hard carry
KP: has played in VCT but even she couldn't carry NA, neither could Bob (but shes obvs very good when she isnt a fraud)
beNIta: judge OTP
who even is their 5th?

C9W: lul who bob jizzyk1ns and LeL carry so hard


NA, also commonly abbreviated to "No Activity" is the world-leading VALORANT region in the world at being overweight. It is said that the common man from NA is so obese that his waistline can be seen from up to 1500 miles away. Their legacy of being carried by The "yay" Diablo will remain a stain on the NA region for some time to come. This is why they can't WIN VS EU LUL JULIANO OWNS UR REGION LIL BRO

posted 2 months ago

nAts has a hot clone?

mash'allah to Glance's parents

posted 2 months ago

90% of the same he's saying the truth that most bluepilled people just refuse to accept or think about at all. (Like the fact that the man is meant to be the breadwinner, he is supposed to provide and protect his wife and kids and in return his wife should also be a traditional woman, not some 'career' and 'independent girl boss' person.)

10% of the time, with like the 50 wives thing, he's being retarded.

90% fax, 10% drunk uncle

posted 2 months ago

BR is free now

saadHACK and Mazino cant carry this region that hard lil bro

"eurotrash" xdd xdd xdd xdd xdd xdd

says eurotrash while we own ur region xdd

wait for 2023 when nAts and cNed come back to teach you who the best awper and controller is

Larved, lAncada, TrashKo <<<< goat nAts
trashies, victor, BcJ, Leaf <<< Sheydos, Leo, Chronicle, Poopcas, Redgar
lAy, lrYo, Dicey, BuZz, zmjjKK, Laz << cNed, Sayf, Jamppi

posted 2 months ago

champions he says XD

champs 2021

0 NA in semis, 1 in Quarters
4 EMEA in quarters and 3 in semis


posted 2 months ago

NA 0 Champions 1 major and 2 other finals appearances (reykjavik doesnt count since the game back then was fresh, its like saying 2013 NIP/FNC are better than prime NaVi or Prime Astralis)

EMEA 1 Champions 2 Major (0 other appearances in GF that werent Reykjavik because we didn't choke our grand finals LULNA)

NA are chokers, EMEA are winners

TenZ Yay (for VCT) and Bob (GC) cant carry your region to wins next year fam, time to pack your bags and become a DRX or EMEA fan.

posted 2 months ago


aint no way this guy is absolutely sigma

posted 2 months ago

wooo yeah baby that’s what i’ve been waiting for thats what it’s all about woohoo (We win yet again)

PS: VLR Devs you frauds add the VLR Community Cup as an official tournament

posted 2 months ago

As an Asian it was always hard for me to understand American culture. What was fascinating for me is that they like bragging about their freedom which was weird for me, because I didn't think that I have any less freedom than them. I always thought 'What is the difference'. However after this game I finally understand it. NA is just so free.

posted 2 months ago
  1. Festival
  2. Glance
  3. Daiki

Festival AYAYA
Glance AYAYA
Daiki FalleN bromance AYAYA

posted 2 months ago

Is lmemore not a starter on argh argh que?

MLBB org yet again fumbling the bag

common argh argh que L

posted 2 months ago

Keyboard: Razer Ornata
Mouse: Logitech G Pro X Superlight
Headphones: JBL Quantum 810's

posted 2 months ago

oh ye makes sense nvm

posted 2 months ago

omg trembo is that you

posted 3 months ago

argh argh q


posted 3 months ago

Nah not really

B0tz0 <<<<<<<<< Leo
Botstic <<<<<<<< Chronicle

2 massive upgrades, 2 out of 3 best initiators in emea + derke alfa boaster insane core

they could honestly upgrade coaching staff (getting a mental coach like astralis) but other than that what else do u want?

best emea duelist by far imo
top tier igl
2 cracked as fuck initiators
insane young talent that mini can grow into a top 3 worldwide player if he tries

thats pretty good if u ask me (Still not good enough to be able to even come close to Sagedos, but its good enough for Sao Paolo)

posted 3 months ago

overpriced if ur using it for fps, just get a viper mini for 30$. Works like a charm.

posted 3 months ago

One more, do you like some of that real death metal shit? I've got Japanese death metal too if you want it

posted 3 months ago

Best: Romania (they didnt even steal from me and their mcdonalds is fucking bussin')
Worst: Thailand (i only went there because I read that old swedish dudes always pick up thai babes when they're on vacay, thai women overrated af, would recommend the philippines if ur just looking for chicks, the actual visit was alright i guess but it just doesnt stack up to Hamburg, Cologne, Marseille, Iași , București, Constanța or even Cluj-Napoca or Budapest (which is saying something because that city is dogshit imo, worst one we have in Romania and I hate hungary and hungarians with a burning passion and even they have better cities than Thailand)

posted 3 months ago

prime sen would get shit on by even dog2 and chokequid

prime sen are overrated af, any good t1 challengers team from any region (Even teams like ZETA and NTH) shit on them

lucky clutch meisters and 0 stratplay, only could win cause valorant was an all aim game at the time of masters 2 Reykjavik 2021.

posted 3 months ago

We are literally Slav/Roman Gypsies

The double dick duo

posted 3 months ago

Oh wait shit listen to this too

Cham does a better vocals job here, it was also the op of an anime I really like its called In/Spectre and its rumored to be getting a 2nd season early next year

posted 3 months ago

SEN were the best team at one point when the other best team in the world was Derke & Friends

All previous masters/champions winner teams are fucking fluke memes - Gambit and OpTic

ShitPx - shit the bed at champs

FlukeCEND - shit the bed in EMEA

Shitenals - shit the bed everywhere nice international events 💀💀💀

prime sen are the most overhyped team in existence

posted 3 months ago


posted 3 months ago

complaining that old sen was funnier than new sen ig

literally delusional, the best teams in the world arent meant to be memers (unless ur name is prx but that's a different story)

posted 3 months ago

is it cause you got banned or something?

I got banned once for saying that florescent was a guy (sorry vlr mods) and I didnt get my stars removed?

posted 3 months ago

what happened to ur stars

posted 3 months ago

nAts doesnt win games on his own

doesnt play chamber except for a game or 2 at most during vct (he played it on LCQ and dominated, idk why they put Lhronicle on chamber instead of nats), never gets first bloods or impact frags and his signature lurk style got buttfucked by the introduction of chamber and people getting used to how people like nats play. He's still mega clutch, but I dont think he can carry a game on smokes like Yay can carry a game on jett/chamber.

posted 3 months ago

tbf it is rare riot actually makes a W

remember fpx vs xset replay drama?

should we talk abt the dumpster fire that GC is? Drama, unclear about whos allowed to participate, loopholes

or should we talk abt old beef like them banning sinatraa despite riot themselves having bad sexual assault internal shit going on (i believe?)

posted 3 months ago

Team Spirit time for you to come!

Gambit Esports, time for you to come back!

posted 3 months ago

Acend got eliminated in a comeback

Gambit never got eliminated by 100t, and even that took heroics out of hiko to beat them in groups. (Icebox 1v4 clutch)

no clutch factor accounted for, 100t did not have the firepower to beat either gmb or acend, this is why they lost to rise of all people in NA LCQ... While Gambit and ACEND each got their trophy.

posted 3 months ago

old 100t were good bro
just not better than the world's best

posted 3 months ago

i didnt see the lan part, mb chief

posted 3 months ago


posted 3 months ago
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