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It's obvious that this EG Win against LOUD is a Lucky shot, they've literally abused the most broken agent in the game that literally destroys every ranked game that It is in with.

Iso is a clown character, abusing him literally made Shahzam the top 10 player in NA, this is simply ridiculously OP

Now you tell me, is Shahzam the top 10 Greatest player in NA today?

EG shouldn't be able to defeat LOUD, the only reason that this happenned is because Iso literally is imortal in High Level, It literally has the greatest pick rate in all ranked with 8% in every match.

EG are still frauds, said that, i Hope Mwzera abuse the shit out of this character and Furia gets 5-5

posted 4 weeks ago

No, not like that.

Look at any roster, the star indicates the IGL of the team.

Furia there is a star in Mazin.
EG there is a star in NaturE

Well, i wasn't here for a while It might have been for a long time now

posted 4 weeks ago

I've Just noticed now, they put a star in the IGL of the teams roster page.

This didn't happen before, great addition 👍

posted 4 weeks ago

Yes, he just need to warmup a little, pancada is truly one of BR Greatest tallents.

posted 4 weeks ago

I'm gonna predict this.

In the end, when LOUD doesn't classify and Aspas contract with Leviatán get ended, TuyZ will get kicked from LOUD for aspas to come back.

posted 4 weeks ago

Furia already is a jinxed org, they doesn't need me for that

I'm just a supporter

posted 4 weeks ago

This game doesn't mean shit, he was abusing a broken agent that will be nerfed soon

Loud that were idiots by not picking up this abuse character

posted 4 weeks ago

Won't win nothing

FNS was right all along

posted 4 weeks ago

How could they go from the prettiest shirt in VCT Americas to this shit ugly Uniform

Horrendous rebrand

posted 4 weeks ago

I've fixed it

posted 4 weeks ago

I've fixed the clip

Do you think he becomes coach, caster?....

Xand: I think he becomes a Clown, he already can go to the circus

GET THE L 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

posted 4 weeks ago


posted 4 weeks ago

He's putting yay 2022 level performance


posted 4 weeks ago

If he ever played like this, would seriously be one of the best players in VCT Americas

posted 4 weeks ago

WTF bro, he makes this guys look like a joke

Making me remember Yay 2022, i'm speachless

posted 4 weeks ago

Dgzin exists

posted 4 weeks ago

NIP was a success in Brazil, the problem is that their rival were Loud 2022.

We Brazilians still miss NIP sometimes...

posted 4 weeks ago

Infelizmente ainda sem Raafa nas franquias, enquanto não tiverem um IGL de ofício tipo ele ou o ZAP, nunca esses times vão pra frente

posted 4 weeks ago


posted 1 month ago

If he goes well, can he stay in MIBR?

Imagine Shahzam becoming the beloved Head IGL of a BR team, ngl this would be funny 😂

posted 1 month ago


Literally just seen this now


posted 1 month ago

You guys ain't believe but LOUD gonna win this

And Pancada gonna drop 20+ every map

posted 1 month ago


posted 1 month ago

If you think that Americas should be in Brazil, It would be interesting

Just have to make sure that no American player impregnates a Brazilian girl, because If they baby is born here he's never coming back again due to jus sanguinis and visa issues

posted 1 month ago

Actually not

I don't know, you guys tell me

posted 1 month ago

Let's talk it real now guys.

Americas in impracticable, there is simply no way this league keeps going like this and the league gonna be okay.

Americas has a visa problem, a serious one, a Brazilian player cannot train in NA like the other players and therefore the league is always fucked up towards Latam/Brazilian players.

MIBR bought 2 players, they didn't even stepped foot in NA until now because of bureaucracy in visas, Aspas was locked up in China until last week, LOUD literally also was stuck in ireland in the start of the split, playing against EG with a "nobody cares" mentality because they don't even had time to train.

This is serious, there is only 2 splits and what's the reason of Americas to exist If they BR/Latam teams cannot even play It?

Frod gonna literally have to fill in MIBR because the players cannot go to NA, and It will get much worse after 2026 and you guys know why (but no politics)

Riot should change something, this league integrity is absolutely fucked up because Americas is rotten from the start, If things keep going like this, there is no reason for a BR player to play in Americas, they cannot even have a chance to compete and Win.

Unfortunally americas gonna end.

posted 1 month ago

Bro don't have a single drop of faith for Furia

Sometimes neither do i

posted 1 month ago

I Trust in boostio

posted 1 month ago

Loud: 8.5 / 10

Furia: 3 / 10

MIBR: 0 / 10

Sentinels: 7 / 10

NRG: 8.5 / 10

KRU: 6 / 10

Cloud9: 4 / 10

G2: 7 / 10

Levitán: 6 / 10

100 Thieves: 9 / 10

Evil Geniuses: 5 / 10

posted 1 month ago


posted 1 month ago

Damn this Americas League is shit

What's the reason of having Brazilians in Americas If they cannot play??

Just give Brazil their own league already like they do it in League of Legends, it's much better

posted 1 month ago

I disagree, Raze is the type that would put more alcohol for you and say:


posted 1 month ago

Our best IGL are stuck in Ascention, nobody gonna pick him up because the Brazilian scene are made of friendship and connections

If we still had our League we would see Hero Base, Red Canids and 2G diffing MIBR and Furia

posted 1 month ago

We won Champions 2 years ago ....


posted 1 month ago

The rule should also be applied to every reagion

posted 1 month ago

Where, when?????

Show me one time Red Canids has trained with LOUD? Or some random latam team

This simply isn't possible bro, only If you train in Brazil North east with 100+ ping

posted 1 month ago

This isn't a Americas problem, it's a USA problem.

An American went to a trip here in Brazil with his wife pregnant, his wife was Brazilian with a Green card that was married in USA, she entered in the country and her son unexpectedly was born here in the lasts days of their trip.

Do you believe that they can't get to their country anymore with their daughter? Because the kid was born in Brazilian soil, and USA doesn't recognize the kid for not having a bilateral agreement with Brazil.

USA is a mess

posted 1 month ago

Riot should make a rule that prohibits tier 1 from training with tier 2.

Hear me out:

Americas has a problem with competitive integrity, NA teams are Far more benefited with americas than LATAM and Brazilian teams because they can train with their own tier 2 teams, increasing the level of the reagion as a whole and making the ascention actually a unfair tournament, Impossible to be considered fair because tier 2 from Brazil and LATAM doesn't get the chance to play the game in a tier 1 level.

With this simple rule, competitive integrity would be fixed in franchise Americas, It would make It fair for the others reagions that cannot play with tier 1, and make them actually have a chance of getting a non American team in franchise.

posted 1 month ago

Take it If you want It, is not like you are doing nothing with It after all 😂

posted 1 month ago

Ele sempre foi bom pra caralho, desde 22 ele mostrava talento mas ninguém parecia perceber

posted 1 month ago

O Brinks é um monstro.

Ninguém pode tirar esse título dele, nunca mais.

posted 1 month ago

We've lost 4 teams

Brazil has insane history with all their teams, we've lost a lot

The only one that got better in this agree is USA, we were so damn fine, Brazil was talking about getting 12 teams because we couldn't put all our tallent in 10 teams

posted 1 month ago

Muricah kinda crazy with money

posted 1 month ago

Bro LLA literally ended

Americans simply doesn't care about League of Legends, there wasn't a single one of them to talk about this, and It isn't because they like the changes, it's because they do not care at all

1 dude from America responded my post, and i'm not even sure he's American

posted 1 month ago

The Brazilian import doesn't count, so they can still have 2 koreans + 1 Americas import

We were protected because nobody would spend money on a BR import other than a Korean, now this doesn't exist anymore

So fucking sad

posted 1 month ago

Americans cannot play League of Legends, what's gonna happen is the following:

Some lame ass American org gonna come here and offer Robo and Tinows 50k dolars each, there will be nothing Brazilians can do to prevent It

And like that they LOUD dinasty will be over, together as our best players in CBLOL

posted 1 month ago

My Idea:

Baiano should stop streaming LCS, let them die on porpouse, isn't like americans care too much about their league anyway

Leave LOL for people that truly want to play It like Brazil, Europe, China and Korea.

We cannot be punished for a league that isn't even ours, is just plain wrong

posted 1 month ago

The two most underated support players in this country, Brinks is a MENACE and It isn't by now that he plays greatly.

And what a comeback in performance from Bezn1, he should be in Franchise League in place of Khalil

posted 1 month ago
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