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  • Sean Gares is overhyped fraud by r/Valcomp... fact is no one can save 100T

  • Even with Steel they would not have won C9 at LCQ, Rise possibly yes.

  • Their performance at Berlin against Gambit and Acend were fluke of course, they only comeback because GMB/ACE had LAN nerves unlike 50 year old Steel who's been to countless LANs

  • Asuna is T2 player at max, he was carried by great support players like Ethan and currently T3 CS player for Team Lulquid 'nitr0'

posted 4 months ago

V1 barely winning Complexity

LG barely winning Girl Kissers

NRG barely winning ZMM

Knights barely winning T1

Ghost Gaming already out

Skill gap between teams are too close thanks to Valarante low skill cap

posted 4 months ago

Shahzam tried to copy PRX double duelist comp but his brain not as huge as Benkai... thought he would have picked up some stuff after all those watchparties

posted 4 months ago

one trick getting owned....

finally sentinels have to go through open qualifiers after riding off their iceland performance from a year ago... getting exposed in open qualifiers KKKKKKKK

posted 4 months ago

LG getting 2-0 by girl kissers

Ghost gaming getting 2-0 team ballsax

rip 1leaf's Valorant career he got exposed as fraud sadly

only in a game like Valarante u can see so many flukes like these immortal puggers beating signed pros

posted 4 months ago

100t fanboy redditors thought he was gonna transform them into a T1 team lmaooooooo

posted 4 months ago

When I’m in a victim playing competition and my opponent is a Brazilian : 😱😱😱😬😬😬

posted 4 months ago

He tweeted this after seeing my post

u guys said I’m baiting but even major winner (fluke) starxo just agreed with me… I’m never wrong 🥱🥱🥱

posted 4 months ago

Fraud gares is a fucking idiot lmao

Guy wants Wardell to entry instead of playing chamber op which is his forte and wants Asuna to play flex when he excels at entry 😹👎

posted 4 months ago

Another reason why Valorant is fluke game… this team went from International Major winners to not even top 10 in EU and now gonna become T3 team after signing random no namers

Imagine you tell CS fanbase that Acend was the major winner last year and they become T3 team in less than 3 months… no wonder they think this game is a joke

posted 4 months ago

Probably still struggling with his self diagnosed mental illness

posted 4 months ago


  1. Trent
  2. TenZ
  3. Xeppa


  1. Yay
  2. Leaf
  3. Marved

Edit : lmfao TenZ fanboys saying he’s insane on LAN kkkk acting like he didn’t shit his pants in Berlin and Champions

posted 4 months ago

This mf don’t miss he even put his career on the line

posted 4 months ago

100 Thieves got into stage one challenger group stage thanks to their circuit points from last year

They won nothing except only one game vs EG

Then they get free BYE to RO32 this qualifiers because of their free BYE last stage

Essentially they are still being rewarded for their performance at Berlin from last year

Plus they shouldn’t even get a BYE or circuit points because Hiko isn’t playing. (Yes I know he is a 6th man but he still isn’t on the main roster so that’s not 3/5 core players)

TLDR : Circuit points format is fucked, teams are still being rewarded for some good performances from last year even if they have a completely different roster now. 100T got two BYEs.

posted 4 months ago

Just saw a thread with 10 upvotes saying d3ffo is good 💀💀💀 and the comments were unironically jerking him off…

Guy is literally the Shanks of EU, biggest sandbagger I’ve seen.

posted 4 months ago

I prayed on their downfall during stage 1 and got what i wanted but since they kicked the one trick oper wardell and ego cuck aleko... i will actually be cheering for them now. Would be perfect if they kicked subthrowza!

posted 4 months ago

acting like FNS didn't bot frag all game and get carried LUL

posted 4 months ago

Went from top 12 in NA to barely beating Mocking's team

Their CS and Valorant team had to die for their LOL team to thrive...

posted 4 months ago

Why is he still promoting NFT scams? Dude is like super rich and prolly has at least 3 million chilling in his bank (he makes a shit ton of money from stocks already ,wallstreetbets posted it).
Plus he sits at home and plays Valorant don't get why he's so desperate for money. I find it super funny that most people promoting NFT scams are already rich and well off enough...

posted 4 months ago

Here’s why CS is harder than Valorant

  1. Movement : you have to counter strafe unlike Valorant. Bunny hopping requires skill to be consistent. You cannot just spam jump or crouch.

  2. Gunplay : Can be split into many categories.

  • head hitbox in Valorant is big as fuck, even if your crosshair isn’t on the head you will still hit the shot sometimes.

  • anyone who has played CS knows how much of a joke Valorant’s recoil is. CS recoil is much harder to control and that’s why most of your shots need to be a headshot.

  • spray pattern in Valorant is RNG unlike CS, this means kills and spray transfers are much more random

  • RUN and GUN : running or even jumping inaccuracy in Valorant is too less

  1. Well balanced : No overpowered weapons like classic right click, judge (one shot machine gun), marshal (machine gun sniper) and odin (machine gun with 0 recoil) as well as overpowered ults can that even low elo players can abuse. This lowers the skill ceiling by alot.

  2. Hearing : In CSGO it’s a lot harder to distinguish where players footsteps are compared to Valorant. You even get a radius that shows how far people can hear your footsteps which lets you know when exactly you should run/walk

  3. Maps : no much explanation needed, maps in CSGO are much bigger with more choke points except for dust 2.

  4. General mechanics : You have to stand still to be fully accurate when throwing utility, you have to look at bomb to actually defuse. Armor penetration exists and 4 damage zones instead of 3. Defuse kit that’s required if not it takes forever to defuse bomb.

For people saying “Valorant has abilities” just contradicts your point. It makes the skill ceiling much lower because even low elo people can abuse it and get easy kills/info with it.

This game is not built for pro play... was literally made for casuals

posted 4 months ago

Here’s a reminder :

Yay (T3 CS player), together with Marved (well known CS matchfixer), are two of the best players in the world.

TenZ (failed CS player) is the face of Valorant-esports

posted 4 months ago

basically same as FNS… carried by T3 CS player nitr0

Without nitr0 his career gone (look at T1)

posted 4 months ago

Imagine masters event held only twice a year and Champions major can’t even beat IEM Katowice viewers KKKKKK

Wait till Antwerp gets 2 million views

Edit :
Just a reminder
Iceland : 1 Million
Champions : 1 Million
IEM Katowice : 1.1 Million
PGL Stockholm : 2.7 Million

Valulrante fanboys thinking 1 million is enough to beat CS KKKK 😹😹😹😹 imagine 100 co streams and not even half of CS views 💀

posted 4 months ago
  1. NA
  2. EU
  3. Bronzil
  4. KR
  5. APAC
  6. JP
  7. LATAM
posted 4 months ago

Keep seeing people say that Gambit lost to G2 because they played 5 bo3s a day in a row. For a team like Gambit they scrim 4-5 maps a day so this shouldn’t be a problem, even Redgar himself acknowledged that G2 played better

Plus G2 3-0ed Fnatic (full roster)

posted 4 months ago

NA and Korea should move there

posted 4 months ago

Vanity undisputed goat IGL in NA

FNS not even close to top 4

Yay and Marved made FNS’ career, OpTic not even top 4 before they joined.

On the other hand, Vanity made V1 and C9’s career…

V1 crumbled when Vanity left (not even top 8 anymore)
and only reclaimed back top 5 when Zander whom we all know has the best aim as an IGL

C9 were struggling to even be top 8, they had the same roster till Vanity joined and they became arguably top 1 for a while in NA. (LCQ/Champions/Challengers group stage)

Disagree = banwagon OpTic fan
Even plats have better aim than FNS

posted 4 months ago

Stopped reading at at 1. FNS

posted 4 months ago

Riot will need another 2 years to finally nerf Chamber like they did with Jett!

Edit : there’s no way people are saying Chamber doesn’t need a nerf…

He has TWO alarmbots (much bigger radius than KJ alarmbot) and doesn’t have any range

Super buffed deagle that has ADS and one shot at any range (less recoil also) at only $100 per bullet. Basically insane on ecos for most pros that have good aim

Free TP every 20 sec, better than jett dash except you can’t entry

Machine gun awp

posted 4 months ago

OpTic not even top 3 team before Marved and Yay joined…

Replace FNS with any top 8 team’s IGL and you would get same result or even better.

He has shit calls for so many rounds but Marved and Yay always saves his ass.

Aims almost as bad as zombs, guaranteed worst aim out of all IGLs

posted 4 months ago

NA is the best region

Marved the matchfixer is one of the best players in the world

TenZ the failure is the face of Valorant

posted 5 months ago

Ghost gaming A tier
NRG B tier

Didn't think this would need explanation but Guard honeymoon are obviously over after getting exposed at LAN and SEN just aren't good...

posted 5 months ago

Wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t making it out of groups next NA challengers

I hope NA sends C9 next masters instead of these onliners

posted 5 months ago

Realistically if every region made a superteam who would win and what players would be in the team?

posted 5 months ago

KRU - Top 4 at Champs but first out of groups at this tourney (meta change is not an excuse btw, games like LOL are much more heavily based on meta yet we still see T1 dominating for years)

DRX - Steamrolled ZETA and NIP (who ZETA struggled to beat), 2 maps away from beating OpTic 2-0 but gets shit on by ZETA a week later?

ZETA - Somehow had a fluke run after losing to G2 and DRX (who lost to PRX btw).

OpTic - Barely won Guard and DRX, lost to Xerxia and beat them 3 days later, lost to LOUD and beat them 2 days later

If teams can learn from their mistakes and get better in just a span of a week then that is the definition of low skill cap game

posted 5 months ago

They might disband soon cause Jinggg has to go for mandatory military service in Singapore and f0rsakeN said he would join a NA team if Jinggg left…

posted 5 months ago

Zeta fluke run like KRU, won’t see the same performance ever

OpTic same like SEN, win masters Iceland and will start to decline

Imagine making BR “superteam” just to get 3-0ed by NA KKKKK

posted 5 months ago

Marved - Vietnamese
Victor - Chinese
FNS - Indian
Sayaplayer - Korean

posted 5 months ago

Learn from this guy

posted 5 months ago

Watch ‘Batman Ninja’ on Netflix

Even as someone who doesn’t watch anime I found it more enjoyable than TDK 👍

posted 5 months ago

He tweeted this 2 days ago when PRX beat DRX on Haven with Reyna

posted 5 months ago

List only includes the 'carries' of each team

1-2. C9 Leaf/OPTC Yay (can't decide both are insane on LAN)

  1. TGRD Sayaplayer (great performance against tough opponents on first Valorant LAN)
  2. 100T Asuna (decent)
  3. V1 Penny (decent)
  4. SEN TenZ (choked on both Berlin and Champions)
  5. TGRD Trent (no explanation needed)

Edit : There seems to be some confusion in the comments... I put Trent last guys! This list only includes the star players who usually carry the team.

posted 5 months ago

NA should have sent this guy instead of onliner Trent....
Leaf had one of the top performances in Champions despite it being his first LAN like Trent

mf even shat on DRX... if anyone can save NA it's this guy
now that Trent got exposed it's time people show some respect to 1leaf

posted 5 months ago





posted 5 months ago
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