OG OG Europe Rank #0 KONEQT Cista Adel uNKOE Benjamin Chevasson OniBy Theo Tarlier fxy0 Joey Schlosser LaAw Mathieu Plantin have announced a partnership in the form of a joint roster with LDN UTD LDN UTD Inactive feqew Lukas Petrauskas Boo Ričardas Lukaševičius Destrian Tomas Linikas MOLSI Michał Łącki . Former Alliance Alliance Europe Rank #20 Nille Nichlas Busk MALFOy Claes Søgaard kodazy albert Albert Mikkelsen SEIDER Mathias Seider player Tautvydas "hype" Paldavicius will join the LDN roster to complete the team.

A shared journey is an unforgettable journey.

We are so proud to announce a joint VALORANT adventure with @LDNUTD.

Please welcome the new 𝙊𝙂 𝙇𝘿𝙉 𝙐𝙏𝘿 squad that will compete in the next VCT:

🇱🇹 @BooVAL1
🇱🇹 @DestrianVAL
🇱🇹 @feqeww
🇵🇱 @MOLSIval
🇱🇹 @hypeVLR


Following their exit from Europe's Stage 1: Challengers 2 open qualifiers at the hand of YONK YONK Inactive M4CHINA Ouali Manset bonkar Malkolm Rench krea6on Vilius Malinauskas Nille Nichlas Busk Yacine Yacine Laghmari , OG's French-based roster turned their eyes towards the French Regional League in an attempt to qualify for VCT Promotion. However, the team was eliminated by Team BDS Team BDS Europe Rank #10 bramz Bayram Ben Redjeb kAdavra Thomas Johner logaN Logan Corti rodeN Rodolphe Bianco juseu Elric Belland in the semifinals of the playoffs, ending their run and destroying any chances at promotion.

Prior to their partnership with OG, LDN UTD's roster managed to advance out of the open qualifiers of EU Challengers 2. Despite performing a lower bracket run in the closed qualifiers, the team found themselves struggling in the group stage of Stage 1: EMEA Challengers as they were only able to rack up two wins out of their five total matches, one against BIG BIG Europe Rank #19 Twisten Karel Ašenbrener Kaspe Kasper Timonen musashi Alessio Xhaferi luckeRRR Niels Jasiek Obnoks Nico Garczarczyk AslaN Ceyhun Aslan and a notable upset against FunPlus Phoenix FunPlus Phoenix Europe Rank #11 SUYGETSU Dmitry Ilyushin Zyppan Pontus Eek ANGE1 Kyrylo Karasov Shao Andrey Kiprsky ardiis Ardis Svarenieks . Following a crushing defeat by M3 Champions M3 Champions Europe Rank # nAts Ayaz Akhmetshin sheydos Bogdan Naumov d3ffo Nikita Sudakov Chronicle Timofey Khromov Redgar Igor Vlasov , LDN UTD bowed out of the group stage with a top-10 finish.

While waiting for the next stage of the VCT, the team decided to make changes to their roster by benching Aurimas "Dreamas" Zablockis preceding Stage 2: EMEA Challengers, leaving the team incomplete before announcing a partnership with OG and picking up hype from Alliance.

Having already secured a spot in the group stage of the upcoming EMEA Challengers, OG LDN UTD's matches will begin on May 13 as they clash against other top teams in an attempt to advance to the playoffs.

OG LDN UTD OG LDN UTD Europe Rank # Boo Ričardas Lukaševičius feqew Lukas Petrauskas Destrian Tomas Linikas MOLSI Michał Łącki hype Tautvydas Paldavicius are officially:

  • Lukas "feqew" Petrauskas
  • Ričardas "Boo" Lukaševičius
  • Tomas "Destrian" Linikas
  • Michał "MOLSI" Łącki
  • Tautvydas "hype" Paldavicius