According to sources close to, Misfits Gaming Misfits Gaming North America Rank # is expected to sign 24Haven 24Haven North America Rank #0 Verninaa Vernina Gozum Slandy Presley Anderson Mady chloe Chloe Wong LunaFox Luna Ryan .

Formed to compete in Game Changers Series II: North America, 24Haven was built with a core of three players from Team Bubbles Team Bubbles Inactive Slandy Presley Anderson déLexi Verninaa Vernina Gozum fawn K O , a team that had been competing in women's competitions in the United States since mid-May. In this trio we find Vernina "Verninaa" Gozum and Presley "Slandy" Anderson, two historical members of this first adventure who were joined at the end by Mady .

They would later add Luna "LunaFox" Ryan to participate in Sakura Cup #3 before completing the final lineup with Chloe "chloe" Wong in the last iteration of GC NA. With this roster they would go all the way to the playoff qualifier but would fall 2-1 to Polaris Polaris North America Rank #0 Shockah Zoe Zoe Servais Katriggered Starlight lunah .

Misfits does not yet have a men's team in Valorant but currently has an existing League of Legends roster in Europe. Misfits is also present in other games such as Overwatch and Call of Duty with two franchises based in Florida, and, more recently, in Fortnite and Rocket League.

Misfits Gaming Misfits Gaming North America Rank # will be represented by: