The first Game Changers event in North America has concluded, with Version1 Version1 North America Rank #40 sarahcat Sarah Simpson florescent Ava Eugene alexis Alexis Guarrasi meL Melanie Capone Noia Nicole Tierce taking the crown over Shopify Rebellion GC Shopify Rebellion GC North America Rank #2 flowerful Kayla Horton KP Erika Lytle sonder Diana Zhang Lorri Lorrian Elad without dropping a single map.

With a flawless run, @version1gg is the champion of VALORANT Game Changers NA 2023 Series 1 presented by @Verizon!



The event's qualifiers lacked surprises, with most of Game Changers' top teams reaching the main event largely unhindered. One notable exception was Disguised GC Disguised GC Inactive , who broke GC viewership records despite only playing three matches in the open qualifier before SHIFT X SHIFT X North America Rank #133 ELLEFPS KUDFPS ari Ames Amy McNamara toi eliminated them.

CLG Red CLG Red Inactive itnothan Han Nguyen emluo mle Emily Peters athxna Mirna Noureldin dodonut Karnthida Chaisrakeo , in particular, suffered a major hiccup with the organization's shutdown and sale to NRG. While the players were temporarily picked up by Moist Moguls and competed in Liquid's Los Angeles Training Facility, they still lost several days of practice.

In the main event, Version1 blitzed through the upper bracket, knocking FaZe Clan GC FaZe Clan GC North America Rank #73 panini Vannesa Emory Maddie Madison Mann sHMeaty Emma Choe di^ Diane Tran refinnej Jennifer Le , Complexity GX3 Complexity GX3 North America Rank #106 clawdia Claudia Che Karra Aara Lee rayse L4CE Lacey Dilworth Jazzyk1ns Jasmine Manankil 3 and SR GC to the lower bracket in 2-0 victories. XSET XSET North America Rank #50 Bob Bob Tran katsumi Katja Pfahnl bunnybee rise Melanie Tetreault panday were knocked out in the opening round by SR, but later eliminated most of the lower bracket teams.

After 2-0 wins over Misfits Black Misfits Black North America Rank #15 TeddyIsFluffy Carlee Carlee Gress edith Eden Bryce Cutlip Slandy Presley Anderson Vernina Vernina Gozum , Complexity, and Moist Moguls RED Moist Moguls RED Inactive itnothan Han Nguyen emluo mle Emily Peters athxna Mirna Noureldin dodonut Karnthida Chaisrakeo , SR GC stopped XSET dead in their tracks again. The GC Championship runners-up secured a second 2-0 over katsumi and co. to move to the grand final, where they would have to rematch Version1.

The grand final was a blowout victory for Version1, as they took controlled wins on Ascent (13-10), Pearl (13-7), and Icebox (13-6) to close out a flawless Game Changers run. The win also handed meL and alexis , former Cloud9 White Cloud9 White Inactive Bob Bob Tran alexis Alexis Guarrasi Jazzyk1ns Jasmine Manankil katsumi Katja Pfahnl meL Melanie Capone players, their eighth regional VCT GC win.

Game Changers teams will now have several weeks of rest until the next Riot event in the circuit. Series II will take place during the summer, with qualifiers kicking off July 13. The main event will be played from July 26 to 30.