A joint venture between Vorax Vorax Inactive delevingne Hiago Baldi v1xen Gabriel Martins dragonite Matheus Matos and Havan Liberty Havan Liberty Brazil Rank #4 krain Gustavo Melara Myssen Rodrigo Myssen pleets Marcelo Leite shion Gabriel Vilela liazzi Felipe Galiazzi has placed Vorax's squad closer to free agency.

Vorax Liberty
Uma nova era da voracidade começa AGORA!

#WeAreVorax #WelcomeToFreedom

Vorax and Havan Liberty announced today a partnership that sees the two Brazilian organizations united. Their main focus is in CBLOL, Brazil's League of Legends league, where they'll be named Vorax Liberty. In other games, including Valorant, Havan Liberty is keeping its tag for now and Vorax players are looking for new offers.

Due to Riot's rules, teams are forbidden from having two teams play the same tournament at the same time unless they're of different genders, leading to this outcome. In a press conference, Marina Leite, Vorax's CEO, revealed talks with all three coaches are ongoing to "verify who can be used, what is the best structure for the team." Having said that, Marina also reported "nothing is defined yet."

After dropping out of First Strike in the top eight, Vorax scored a good campaign in VCT that took them to Stage 1: Masters, where paiN bested them in their opening match. Stage 2 didn't turn out as well for them; they only made it to the first of three Challengers events.

Both Vorax and Havan Liberty's squads recently removed a player. The former said goodbye to Leonardo "fzkk" Puertas, while Havan lost Olavo "heat" Marcelo. Most of the Vorax players have announced they were "instructed to seek offers", while Gustavo "krain" Melara has kept silent. According to VALORANT Zone, krain is set to fill heat's shoes in Havan Liberty's squad.

Vorax was represented in Valorant by: