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  • Op Yay, Derke, Rb, Jamppi and tenz
  • Duelist/Entry- Victor, Asuna, Zekken, Aspas and jingg
  • Initiator- Crashiea, Stax, Sacy, Soulcas and Derrek
  • Controller- Marved, Melser, Boaster, Pancada and Mako
  • Sentinel Rb, Less, Ardiis, benkai and nats
  • Flex Zyppan, asuna, scream, tenn and keznit
  • Igl FNS, Sacy, Boaster, Mako and ange1
    the ones in bold i think are some of the best
posted 1 day ago

6 man roster, alao mazino is better than adverso.

posted 1 day ago

I think it’s making it so you can import 3 players unless they change the import policy. AFAIK 50% of your team has to be from the region you compete in so if you have 6 players, you can have 3 imports. I also think some team i.e DRX and 100T like prep heavy teams will use the sub to their full ability.

posted 1 day ago

pretty sure they have to add a sixth at least so there will be a chnage but maybe they just arent removing anyone. I like this, build the talent with the ecosystem and keep the squad together.

posted 1 day ago

Love : Asuna
Hate : Shahzam

posted 2 days ago

Valorantle #59 4/8

⬛ ⬛⬛ ⬛⬛⬛ 🟩
⬛ ⬛⬛ ⬛⬛⬛ ⬛
⬛ ⬛⬛ 🟨⬛⬛ 🟩
🟩 🟩🟩 🟩🟩🟩 🟩


posted 4 days ago

D3 so stuck

posted 4 days ago


posted 5 days ago


posted 5 days ago

he basically just said something is changing in the roster, yea no shit

posted 5 days ago

There are some players I missed. Mitch being one of them I didn't see C9 drop him until after I made it, I would put him right below net :))))

posted 5 days ago

what do you disagree with other than you being the D1 recruit for C9, replacing vanity.

posted 5 days ago

yea they arent going to, i just dont think everyone is a F/A weather they dont want to move up or cant bc of contract thats all

posted 5 days ago

"then again this is just a meme post I think an IGL is only as good as the players around him" this post was a jab to shahz personally I just don't like him I do believe he should be dropped for zander so they can build new, young talent to grow a roster with the scene ex: 100T, TGRD my dream roster for SEN (that is possible bc they arent gonna drop tenz, not saying he should be just stating the obvious) tenz, zellsis, zander, sick and dapr

posted 5 days ago

honestly if I am optic, I have stolen enough paychecks I would much rather stay with this team then split up and move to partnership. though truly we just don't know lots of players haven't said anything

posted 5 days ago

effys 100% i forgot about him when making this and w1ppie is really good above the bottome 10ish atleast, both of them

posted 5 days ago

im not sure if he plans on playing I also disagree for some of them

posted 5 days ago

honestly most are but if you look at Optic, XSET and 100T all of their coaches are basically just there to reinforce the IGL i would consider them teachers in a sense lol. MORE THAN JUST THESE TEAMS JUST USING THEM AS EXAMPLES DONT GET MAD

posted 5 days ago

truly just dont think he has any value as an igl comparative to any other top IGLs but then again this is just a meme post I think an IGL is only as good as the players around him

posted 5 days ago

mCe notably doesn't want to leave the guard and trent hasn't really said anything so we don't know, and none of ex-LG roster has made any statements minus moose.

posted 5 days ago

He is not and SEN isn't likely to drop him unless they do a full 180 and become the most competitive team NA putting shahz and tenz onto content creation contracts, picking up zellsis, yay, and zander,

posted 5 days ago

Not exactly, some players will compete in ascension league as 5 under contract. Not everyone plans or wants to leave their teams, some of them can't leave do to contracts.

posted 5 days ago

he stinks and I blame him and the coaching staff for all of SENs problems, best meme org

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posted 5 days ago

I pray SEN drops Shahz

posted 5 days ago

yea someone else mentioned that as well idk

posted 5 days ago

You could be right... lol

posted 5 days ago

T1 moving to Korea without him.

posted 5 days ago

He is a very good pickup in NA I imagine after dropping curry C9's eyes may have wondered.

posted 5 days ago

I hate curry but I do think he had alot of impact on C9 though and that overtime he may become a better player. I was kind of struggling picking the IGLs I have zander at the top because of how easily you could build a team around him due to his fragging capability as a smoke's player, very Marved esque but as an IGl. In all reality every IGL is interchangeable here I believe the value they get is entirely dependent on the team around them.

posted 5 days ago

I honestly didn't know Ayrin IGLed at all, I would put him right above Dicey!

posted 5 days ago

Wrong, if anything maybe get Yay instead of Will but even then, what they are trying to do is bring up talent and build a roster as the scene grows

posted 5 days ago

I had my reasoning below, I believe FNS is overall a smarter player but rn teams should be looking to build young, new rosters while the scene is developing. Zander is also just a better fragger.

posted 5 days ago

not a F/A as of rn, I actually had him fairly high up though when I went to check the dotesports list he wasnt there lol

posted 5 days ago


  • Yay
    Notable for his amazing performance in Optic on the Op rule of Jett/Chamber


  • Crashies
    Overall amazing performance on the Optic team holding a stable initiator role


  • Marved
    Again, repeatedly consistent performance on Optic up until the end of their time together mainly playing smokes


  • Zander
    NA needs IGLs, zander is a great pickup if you want a new squad to build up like 100T has done with their young players


  • FNS
    An amazing IGL perhaps the greatest tactical mind FPS games have seen leading Optic to 1 Masters win and two top 3s including a second place in Istanbul mianly playing Initiators/Sentinels


  • Victor
    The entry for Optic leading the charge though he has been seen struggling in some games which looks due to his mental


  • Cryocells
    The leading Op playing for XSET being the third-place team in NA up until their amazing performance in Istanbul


  • Zekken
    Very consistent entry for XSET


  • Zellsis
    Amazing entry for SEN as well as initiator for V1 consistently performing well


  • BcJ
    Good perfomances all around on XSET as the initiator


  • Dephh
    The mastermind behind XSET's success taking them to Champions and having his best performances there on initiator and sentinels


  • Valyn
    Young IGL playing smokes for The Guard, a team that was full of young talent


  • supamen
    Another amazing IGL for Faze and Rise pushing both teams very far in VCT NA


  • Dicey
    Op role for 100T and Faze putting up amazing numbers on Faze during their VCT run


  • neT
    Good performance throughout the entirety of The Guards run on the sentinel role


  • Steel
    IGL for 100T that later went to T1 doing not much of anything though is still an amazing fill player and IGL


  • NiSMO
    Amazing player for GHOST on the initiator


  • Sayaplayer
    Another young amazing Op player, playing on The Guard during their successful VCT run


  • Moose
    Outstanding performance on the LG squad as their smokes and sentinel player


  • Babybay
    Amazing entry player for Faze though a lot of teams in franchising have better options or do not need an entry


  • JonahP
    Decent numbers throughout the guard, a helpful player on any team as a fill


  • ScrewFace
    Skillful entry for DZ


  • Dre
    *Consistent fill player throughout every tournament


  • Boi
    Fluid player throughout many teams


  • Corey
    Notable entry for TSM


  • Wedid
    Well known smoke player previously playing for KCP


  • Curry
    *Previously the fill player for C9, had some decent showings in LCQ


  • koalanoob
    Smoke player for Ghost playing consistently throughout VCT NA


  • Critical
    Initiator player for BBG was very good during their run and on F/A T2 teams


  • Okeanos/Relyks
    Closing out this list in a tie between Relyks prev. C9 player and Okeanos a T2 player with good entry capabilities

This is my current Top 30 free agents in NA, top 15 and above most likely reaching a partnered team I believe
Honorable Mentions

posted 5 days ago

horrible financials as well as a precarious org management wise, riot is generally looking for something stable and sellable

posted 5 days ago

tysm <3. More to come for Pacific soon players and teams are kind of scrambling around currently AFAIK.

posted 1 week ago

I didnt see this though I believe they will split up, ive recorded all of this whilst in class sorry. T_T

posted 1 week ago

George Geddes, Players tweets and Anonimotum. I can add links in the future if you would like I just wanted to push this out quickly.

posted 1 week ago

LIVE Current F/A & Thoughts on Rosters
being updated daily

Info for EMEA

All 10 EMEA teams will likely go under roster changes. BBL looking for a new roster looking into Turkish players notably cNed. Fnatic ahead of partnership has dropped Mistic. Navi looking into ex-GMB players. FPX currently not letting their players go though accepting offers from others to buy the entire team. If they don’t get bought out which is unlikely they will compete in the ascension league unless FPX lets them go. BIG has released their roster these players may compete in ascension league or be signed to a partnered league. G2 players are currently exploring options in EMEA due to being declined partnership. That is the extent of the current information, roster lock is in February.

Update 01 21/09/22 1:09PM EST
OG LDN UTD most notable player free is MOLsi and Acend with their most notable player being cNed, players exploring options more info to come. Vitality players dropping as well looking to rebuild with a base of baddyG, H1ber and Bonecold at this moment.
Info for Americas

EG Roster most likely being dropped, just a rumor currently. Looks like 100Thieves is staying the same. NRG keeping Ethan and maybe more though going under a small rebuild. C9 may change a player or 2 but staying with the same base. C9 may be picking up mCe TGRD ex coach, he has a history with vanity and xeppea. Though most things are leading to TGRD competing together in ascension, as stated before they are exploring options currently though. Sentinels is unconfirmed. Ghost has dropped their entire roster nothing leaked yet. Victor & Crashies are complete free agents whereas Yay, Marved and FNS are still unknown. Where these players go will come out soon. The Guard’s team are looking for chances in sponsored teams thought they may compete in ascension league together. XSET is not competing in ascension they are looking to get picked up as 6 at this moment only roster that would pick them up being EG.

Update 01 21/09/22 1:15 PM EST
AFAIK Most teams i.e XSET and OPTC Players will not stay as 5 unless they compete in ascension tournament like The Guard may. As far as it goes for SA I havent heard much.
Info for Pacific

Gen.G looking to build a mixed roster for korea focusing on picking up Northeption player Meteor. T1 Roster at this point is unclear if they will yield their Korean players i.e Ban, Munchkin and xeta aswell as Steel or if they will undergo a rebuild.

Update 01 21/09/22 2:48 EST//Update 02 21/09/22 3:20
Steel and Thwifo likely on the way out leaving Ban, Xeta and Munchkin. Which is surprising it seemed to me they were trying to work with steel, that is a good IGL staying in NA. ONIC G Roster is all free, some good pickups for new teams to look at there as well as some changes in the TS roster.

Feedback welcome i’m taking a journalism class using this as a project, that is my dream job at this moment. :) This is in no means a VLR.GG article, everything has been researched as well as rumors I have heard myself. **Will be being updated often come back if you want to check.

posted 1 week ago

I agree but NRG may just rebuild around those 2 bc of their chemistry and Hazed is not a bad igl

posted 1 week ago

Ethan and Hazed I think are likely to stay s0m is a 50/50

posted 1 week ago

OHH I see what you meant now, brow you were getting so much hate bc the way you worded that everyone thought you meant it is fine for G2 to still be relevant

posted 1 week ago

cry is free.

posted 1 week ago

Can you leak the tweets I didn't see Alejandro confirm those mb.

posted 1 week ago


posted 1 week ago

Yea I believe NIP & LEV will get in but they haven't been completely confirmed by everyone yet. Just think you should add a little thing saying not confirmed incase it is wrong.

posted 1 week ago

This is wrong LEV & MIBR are not confirmed yet

posted 1 week ago

I would also imagine if 100T change their roster at all(unlikely) but if they do its to pick up Yay

posted 1 week ago

is he arrested? did i say that? bro legit you are the scum of the other if people like you didnt exist it would be a better place

posted 1 week ago
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