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against dephh and sacy can igl he igld for vikings and was second caller for loud

posted 1 week ago

not even exchanged just not having the resources to keep the team together but yeah we will see

posted 1 month ago

I'm cheering for nrg as well but these aren't the same teams anymore so it's really anyones game

posted 1 month ago

I like DSG but TGRD 26-0

posted 1 month ago

entire team negative except trent that guys different gotta give that to him

posted 2 months ago

watch liquid get folded by c9 this weekend

posted 3 months ago

all good i overreacted over a vlr comment lol

posted 3 months ago

are you braindead? navi will win the event and vitality's new roster is looking good enough to shit on some t2 teams

posted 3 months ago

i will definitely forget about it but i would love to come back here in february and tell you how wrong you are

posted 4 months ago

fr he's actually the best 6th man possible his agent pool is insane

posted 5 months ago

if u are really in charge of cc i heckin love you

posted 6 months ago