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If you want u can change your turkish flag because u re not supporter u re BBL hater don't send any comment please thanks :3 Btw BBL will win i have hope hater.

posted 2 days ago

I believe u BBL let's fuckin do this!

Edit : Yorum tutmuş Almanya'daki teyzeme selamlar.

posted 3 days ago

Congratz FUT Esports :3 i hope BBL will do something for LCQ good luck .

posted 4 days ago

I want to watch good series and i hope we can see 5 map. I think FUT will beat Vitality. Vitality is a strong team and they can take 2 map. Good luck^^
FUT = 3 VIT = 2

posted 6 days ago

i heckin love Vitality BatChest
i heckin love ZywOo BatChest
i hate 10 iq cs go viewers =))
Next time use ur brain please!

posted 6 days ago