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honestly i kinda agree with that logic but it depends on who is playing good and who isnt during the match today, no cap.

posted 3 days ago

EG 2-0 OR EG 2-1, Calling this purely based on their performances so far, NRG throws a lot.

posted 4 days ago

wheres guild rn ?

posted 2 weeks ago


posted 2 weeks ago

They didnt accuse them lol some chatter suggested it and they discussed why he insta opens his settings thats all
yall just wanna shit talk streamers and regions

posted 4 weeks ago

more like too many rounds clutched by bang and friends

posted 1 month ago

Like we didnt expect this...lets be real lol

posted 2 months ago

Yes if they win against faze today and against c9 next week they have a chance of making it to playoffs as the 4th and last seed, but even then its not 100%.

posted 2 months ago

I dont know how much longer i can keep on with the SEN hopium, i love the team but sadly i dont think they will make it out of the groups anymore.
So sadly,
Optic 2-1 SEN (SEN get 1 map if and only if tenz goes off rare case though)

posted 2 months ago

Faze doing pretty good for a new roster honestly, but overall game as expected Optic does what we thought they would , 2-0

posted 2 months ago

SEN 2-1 or SEN 2-0(Close Game)

I believe rawkus will and has already started to make a difference in SEN.

posted 2 months ago

SEN winning this one, mark my words.

posted 3 months ago