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22-2 fb... someone check pc but like fr this time

posted 4 months ago

dz 2-0. v1 washed, screwface fans rise.

posted 5 months ago

Trick has birthday buff, its over.

posted 5 months ago

L + ratio + bad take + dz win 13-2 13-5

posted 6 months ago

Screwface wakes up second game on icebox and drops 25+, ange clutches at least 5 rounds, trick makes some midround call that does something (idk im not an igl), Drone drones (or kayo knives idk) and zex hold flank a few times and lurks a few times and like i guess gets a 3k with chamber ult (its broken)

posted 7 months ago

Screw op diffs, trick abuses game mechanics and stream sniper diff, drone drones diff, zexrow zexthrow diff, and ange best smoker na no cap diff. dz 2-0

posted 8 months ago

they are, and im sure they'll keep getting better, im just saying for now

posted 10 months ago

The guard have trent. Enough said

posted 10 months ago

New roaster so imma have to say 2-1 Tsm

posted 10 months ago