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pati was competing in OW, its insane aim wise, no cap so i believe he is gonna be demon like before, i think he only needs to learn Neon as it is meta in some maps, becaue his jett and raze was pretty good

posted 6 months ago

fanbase wise, massive W.

Ingame its an L. There are better chambers and more impactful in Europe than mixwell.
But im ready for the downvotes and the delusional fans telling me im wrong.

posted 7 months ago

he played support, and for me its his best role, because he is a really smart player but if you see him as a good entry/jett then brother, you are delusional.

posted about a year ago

Mixwell might be quite liked and the last standing member but its obvious that for him, Jett is not the agent. He can OP for days, but jett doesnt only OP, she gives entries and even in CS mixwell wasnt the entry. People tend to forget that in CS the awper =/ the entry.

I believe that the best role for mixwell would be sentinels(even better with chamber now) but he seriously needs to let his ego go a bit, and just develop his other agents because jett/entry isn't it.

Super excited for Keloqz, dude is an agressive and insane player, also super young, overall its a great change.

posted about a year ago

Shitty behaviour from OG, I understand that they realised that they could get other players, but asking a player to terminate his contract with the org he is representing and actually "signing" them, its a bit fucked up.
Best of luck to fizzy and shed, and I hope trexx finds better than this org.

posted about a year ago

acording to the report, he isnt coach so it cant be his decision

posted about a year ago

Koldamenta is a done deal, we'll see about the others.
Sad for patitek, dude is insane but has been put in shitty roles since he joined, hope he shows everyone why he was picked up in the first place.

posted about a year ago

koldamenta is only leaving because he is joining g2, its been reported b4, thats the only reason there are going to be changes

posted about a year ago